from my journal 10.13.2021

from my journal | 10132021

Hi bub, It's been a while since I last wrote something. I miss the sound of the keyboard when I type (writing for myself and not just some admin work). This is nice. I feel overwhelmed lately, bub. I think it's the ber months weighing me down. Don't get me wrong, I think I am … Continue reading from my journal | 10132021

and finally the moon meets the star

rest in love, moonbin 🕊🤍

Trigger Warning: Suicide/Illness/Murder And here I am turning into writing again... I have this playlist I made back in 2017 for all the songs that helped get me through one of the darkest years of my life. Even I wasn't an active fan, I will always be grateful to Astro. They will always be a … Continue reading rest in love, moonbin 🕊🤍

when words don’t flow anymore…

Hi blog, Wow, that feels weird addressing the blog like this 'cause I'm always writing to Jjong in my journal. I don't know why I suddenly want to write this here instead. 🙂 So I met with a very dear friend today, and I shared about how my words don't really flow anymore. "All sad … Continue reading when words don’t flow anymore…

from my journal

from my journal | 10112022

Hi bub, Something weird happened earlier this morning. I volunteered to stay in BA FM to play songs since I want to listen to some music anyway while working. I didn’t think about the playlist. I just needed to fill in the 2 hours vacant shift until another DJ could come in. I chose the … Continue reading from my journal | 10112022

Bali Indonesia 2022

In Photos: Bali Indonesia (September 2022)

📍 Ngurah Rai International Airport 📍 Le Meridien Jimbaran 📍 Jimbaran Beach 📍 En Route to Uluwatu 📍 Uluwatu Temple 📍 En Route to Seminyak 📍 Villa Air Bali Boutique Resort & Spa 📍 Mrs Sippy 📍 Around Seminyak 📍 Petitenget Beach 📍 Gelato Secrets 📍 Alfamart Petitenget 2 📍 Aloha Ubud 📍 Kumililir 📍 … Continue reading In Photos: Bali Indonesia (September 2022)

world suicide prevention day 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 | I understand

There is something so comforting about knowing that someone understands you; that you know you are not alone in your sentiments or that it is okay to think and feel a certain way even if it's different from everyone else. Aren't we all living like that?  Craving for someone who will get us. After all, … Continue reading World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 | I understand

from my journal | 01312022

Hi bub, Let me tell you a little secret.. Every time I lie down and about to sleep, I feel like crying. If I don’t cry, I just feel so sad and alone. I don’t know why I’m so lonely, bub. I have people around me, but why am I always lonely? Do not get … Continue reading from my journal | 01312022

please send help…

My dear readers, Our aunt is still in ICU and our bill is already 1.1M ($20,000). We badly need your help—any amount is greatly appreciated. 🙏 She is diagnosed with: Acute Respiratory Failure Acute Coronary Syndrome NSTEM Heart Failure Reduced Ejection Fraction Community Acquired Pneumonia Active Kidney Injury On Top of Possible Chronic Kidney Disease … Continue reading please send help…