When I see a couple, it sometimes irritates me when they are like PDA-ing in front of me. But last night was different. I saw these two and I know that they love each other so much. And this poem here reminds me of them “But if you see how he looks at her, you’d know some love always stays” It always amazes me when two people look at each other like they are the only ones that matter. Like they are inside a snow globe, enjoying each other’s company in their own world. I don’t want to look away because it’s like there’s some sort of positive energy that radiates from them and I want even just a spark of it but staring too long may break the glass and I don’t want that. So I always look away.


In the history of some years

Their story has found its place

It’s in the past, written in rock

Too far from their parted ways


She knows she can’t touch him now

For he isn’t who he was 

And still when she’s in his arms 

Gone in feeling are bad days.


He may hold someone else’s hips

But the lips are always hers 

The girl he once fell deeply for

Isn’t the one who in his bed lays. 


These two will talk and laugh

And say that they no longer care

But if you see how he looks at her

You’d know some love always stays. 

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