All of us is a fan of something–a book, a movie, an actor or even a BAND. Obsessing (though we sometimes prefer “Dedication” than the O word) over someone, is such a bittersweet thing. We tend to become bitter because of the thought of not getting what we want–signed books, merch, concert tickets, and the list goes on. (Obsessed! Gaaah, it’s so frustrating!). It’s sweet to have such a wonderful feeling of admiration (Look! You have that idiotic smile plastered on your face). And this poem is all about that. Dedicating yourself to a band who may or may not know you exist. A band you may or you may not meet. Here’s a slice of reality for you.

You sing a song
I ache and long
I stand in the crowd
Teary and proud
Teenage years spent on you
Oh, what your songs can do!
Your voice makes the world go bright
You shine like a ball of sunlight
All these years
You’re in my dreams
Hoping someday I’ll meet you
Hoping someday you’ll see me too
I stand here all grown up now
You smile and take a bow
Cheers and applause so loud
I’m just a girl in the crowd
You sing a song
I ache and long
Standing on the same ground
I’m just a girl in the crowd

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