Ana Reyes added a photo: “Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.”

vienna noreen: And I just realized this.. remember one of my blog posts? That’s it! “Everything we love” makes us whole. Those make us feel whole. That explains the emptiness we feel when they leave, when something’s lost. But I believe that there’ll come a time when all of us will feel whole again, whatever happens, whatever it may be. Someone or something will make us complete again.

Ana Reyes: Yes, we can be whole again, but we know by ourselves that we can’t go back completely to the person we used to be before, like a broken vase, it can be fixed but we can see that there are still spaces, gaps left, it still look like a vase but not the same before, not that perfectly whole again.

vienna noreen: I guess we’re all broken somehow. But again there will always be this someone who will fill up the spaces and fix the broken pieces. And that reminds me of this quote: “Sunsets are created by light hitting broken bits and pieces in the atmosphere so don’t tell me you can’t be beautiful just because you’re broken.”

Ana Reyes: I guess even when you’re scarred someone will still be able to see your beauty. And I believe that when something ends, it’s never too late to start a new beginning. Being broken is not enough reason to not be happy. There’s so much more things to live for.

vienna noreen: Yaaaas. Past is a good place to visit but never a great place to stay in.

Ana Reyes: Memory Lane

You might hate the broken pieces of you and your soul but I want you to know that it adds up to your wonder, just like how a stained glass is made out of colorful, broken glasses.

— Rinhice, February 4, 2015


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