I won’t tell you what love is. Neither what it feels like nor what it means. But I will tell you what I think..

Love is love. Really. Do we have to explain it? Maybe. Perhaps not. We’re so in love with the idea of love that we think of our own definition for it. We even think of something poetic ‘cause hell, it is as wonderful as a poem itself or even better.

Love is a figure of speech, an idiom, a language. It feels like flying or a free fall. It gives you butterflies in your stomach. It is when your heart somersaults inside your chest as if it wants an escape, it wants freedom. My favorite thought here though is that love is a paradox. It helps you breathe yet it makes you feel breathless. It is selflessness and selfishness at the same time. Love is courage. Love is cowardice. Love makes you happy. Love gives you tears. It hurts, it heals. Love is wearing your heart on your sleeves. It is putting up walls around you. And so it goes. In the end, love makes you then it breaks you. Always.

Love is everywhere. It is the sunlight that passes through your window and wakes you up in the morning. It is the aroma of your favorite cup of coffee. It is the music you play the most. It is your favorite movie or book or sports. It is the adrenaline you feel when you have your afternoon run. Love is your own personal euphoria. It is the slow tick of the clock, the passing days. Love is everything all at once.

Love is a leap of faith, a box of chocolate, you diving off a cliff. You don’t know what you’re gonna get, you don’t know what to expect. But mostly, love is ‘the meaning’. Whatever that means to you. Whatever you think it is. I’m not going to tell you there is no such thing as love at first sight or soulmate or serendipity. That depends on you, on how you meet this someone, on the situation you are in. It can be in a romantic way or not. I don’t know. All I know is that love is not as wonderful as we hope it to be. Love is life. You always have to make the best of it.

Live with love. That’s how love can last forever.

–vienna noreen 🙂


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