I wonder if we fall in love with the mere idea of people and things more than their actual being. And if we come to know them better, would we still feel the same towards them? Perhaps, yes. Perhaps, not. We’ll never know ’til we get there. I’m not the one to talk.

I hope we still fall in love with them, though. I hope we see through their flaws and imperfections. I hope we forget about the ideals and love them for who they really are. Acceptance. That is the next best thing you can give others. Next to love, that is.

Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person isn’t the way they actually are.”

— Paper Towns | John Green


One thought on “PAPER TOWNS

  1. My understanding is pretty limited as well. But maybe, I think we can only really call it “love”, when we know them enough to accept flaws and imperfections. Because there’s no love, without acceptance.

    We see people as how we want to see them. And mostly at that stage, everything is just infatuations, likes, and dislikes, based on assumptions. Like you said, the best thing we can give for everyone is acceptance. But to some that really grows on you, it blooms to true lasting friendships and love. 🙂

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