It’s not just about the education;
It’s about the character and the passion.

You can graduate with a degree;
but a heart can’t just grow in thee.

Intelligence is ephemeral;
A good soul is eternal.

I wrote this last night after a friend of mine told me that her mum doesn’t
like her boyfriend ’cause he hasn’t got a degree; after my boyfriend told me that he
get shit treatment from his relatives ’cause he skipped college and didn’t get to
prove anything. Just wow. I don’t know why some people think like this. Sure, education is vital. You need it to get a good career and a good wage–for a better future. But that doesn’t mean that people who didn’t complete their credentials won’t be able to prove something. That doesn’t mean that they can’t make a good cash, buy a house and lot, build a family, and be financially stable. It’s not just about your graduation cap and diploma, it’s about your character, your attitude towards things, your passion in what you love doing. It takes a good soul to survive the labyrinth.

In real world, your credentials are one thing but your attitude is another. Not every excellent student excels in being a person.

What School Is For | Between The Pages


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