I haven’t posted for a long while now and I’m sure no one has really noticed. I just kind of reached the point wherein I don’t know what to write anymore. But now I am back, I hope for good. I got the privilege to guest blog on Celineism and I’m going to share it here. It’s about why I want to travel and the hopes I have with it. It’s called Fernweh.

I know you’re tired.

I know you want a way out.

I know you’d rather be anywhere but here.

I know you can’t focus on that book you’re reading right now.

I know you want a chapter break.

Believe me, I know.

Just breathe.

I know you’re having a surge of wanderlust — some kind of escape.

So, let’s travel!

But before you pack your bag, have you ever asked yourself why you want to travel so bad?

To travel is to live. That is mainly my reason. I want to experience new things. What would it be like to be everywhere all at once; to see the world with a different set of eyes? I asked myself. I didn’t know how much I love to travel until the day I started reading between the pages of the magical world of fiction. It may be fictitious but I believe that the characters, the places and the story itself are triggered by something real and experienced. I want to see the places I’ve only seen in pictures. I want to learn more about other cultures. To travel is like seeking for knowledge. We are meant to explore and not be stuck in one place. But you have to understand that not everyone is like you. Not everyone has this urge to go to other places. Some would rather live in the familiar. So ask yourself, would you choose the box over the fields?

But to travel is to leave. You may want to come back or not at all. Maybe home is no longer a home. So you travel to find that place you’ve lost. Or maybe you want to forget the person you’ve become; to renew yourself in other places where no one will recognize you. A fresh start for a new you. I understand. We all need that diversion. We all need that start-from-scratch. I think that’s how we learn; that’s how we grow.

We travel to escape from the labyrinth of chaos and find someplace in peace — spend time in solitude. No matter how much you enjoy the buzz of the city, you’d still want your own kind of Terabithia. We travel in the hope of finding ourselves. That doesn’t mean we’re lost. That just means that there are so much of us out there than we let ourselves see. Someone told me that we are made up of souls and other pieces of us are scattered everywhere. This is why we never feel completely whole. This is why we always seek for something unknown; something beyond the cracks and crevices of our broken souls. Or maybe we are made up of stars. Until we find the right ones will we make a constellation and that’s when things will finally make sense. We are all connected to this and that.

So you know what? You have to pack your bags and see beyond the mountains and highways. The sky is not always the limit. Let your feet roam every depths of your imagination. Let your ears hear the calm whispers of the wind. Let your body feel all the energies of the universe. Let go of the feeling of being caged. Free yourself. Dwell in fernweh. Travel in pursuit of happiness. Travel in the hope that these places and people will help you see things clearer and understand things better. Connect the stars in you and travel in the hope that these lines will help you find your way back home.

If you had high hopes, how would you know how high they were? Would you travel the whole wide world without ever knowing how wide it was? And how could you do anything at long last, without knowing how long the last was?
–Norton Juster


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