“Isn’t She dazzling?” I asked as we sat in the front porch step, looking up to the starry night. I’ve always loved the Moon.
“How are you so sure it’s a She?” he laughed. I was relieved. I’ve missed him so much. I’d surely miss moments like this. Then, I suddenly felt angst lurking in the atmosphere. My stomach was then filled with butterflies; it wasn’t that good kind of flatter. It was painful. It felt like all of them ate my insides, making me feel hollow.
“I just knew.” I shrugged as I put my head on his shoulder. “It can get a little lonely up there, though, I can tell.” I mean, She sure did stand out but it felt like she didn’t belong with the stars. What a unique lovely creature.
“I don’t think so.” He disagreed. “He got the whole universe with her up there.” The thought was aesthetically pleasing, so bright. But I remembered the intergalactic and interstellar spaces which led me to the idea that everywhere, there are voids. Isn’t it sad that it seemed like there are no single thing in the world that is filled? How can you feel whole when even the vast universe has its colossal empty spaces?
“Do you think it’s a He?” I said instead.
“No idea.” He answered as he yawned. We had a long day but I wasn’t ready to say goodnight yet. “She dazzled from afar but when you close the distance, it isn’t that pretty anymore.”
“Sure She still is.” I deadpanned.
“With all its holes and craters and all those rocks?” He asked arching an eyebrow at me, provoking me as if saying: things get ugly when you see it up close.
I was about to disagree when he said: “It’s easy to love someone from afar. It gets hard to love someone when you dig deep down the cracks and crevices of their soul.” I loved when he talked like this. I loved how he thought about something beyond its surface.
“Do you still love me when I’m this close?” I smiled as I leaned forward; his face only an inch from mine. I could taste his breath. I could hear his heartbeats. He beamed brighter than the Moon.
“I love you with all your freckles and crooked teeth.” He teased before he crashed his lips to mine. He kept reminding me that I should get over my insecurities and that he loved me for who I was.
I felt the moon shone down the two of us—that kind of moment when the limelight focused on the protagonist just before the telon closed, ending the play. I sent all my hopes back at Her. I told her to illuminate the would-be distance in our relationship when the guy I loved the most move into the other side of the world.
“When you look up, always know that we see the same moon and I’ll be smiling because I know you’ll be smiling too as we look at Her.” He promised.

ART INTERPRETATION for the Moon canvas tote bag of Serigrafia MNL.


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