Do you remember the Golden Rule? Or even the Silver Rule? Of course not. You are so full of yourself that you forgot to think of others. You are so conceited that you no longer care about other people. You are so ambitious that you take people for granted. You think so highly of yourself when you just stepped on these innocent people to get where you are now. You are a coward. A poison. I don’t care about your reasons. The end doesn’t always justify the means.

You know what makes this world more sad and fucked up? It’s someone like you. Someone like you who stain the once clean sheet of humanity. You who forgot the difference between the right and the wrong. You who forgot how to be humane when you yourself is just a mundane. Why? Why you have to be this cruel when the world has already enough? Why do you want to live in luxury when you can just live a simple yet a happy and meaningful life without using other people? You can gain something without taking anything from others. So why? Why do you want to be above everyone else? Well, you can’t, anyways. Gravity will always pull you down.

I may not speak with my tongue but I can speak with my mind. And I’m proud to say that my parents brought me up really well that I don’t wish any harm upon anyone. I feel bad for you ’cause it seems like you grew up otherwise. But I still wish you well. You see, I’m not even asking for your downfall, I just want you to get what you deserve. Does that make you scared? Well, you should be. What goes around, comes around. Don’t wait for Karma to get its grasp on you. Don’t wait for it to strangle you with its deadly fingers ’cause it may suffocate you to death. Stop digging your own grave. You don’t want people to spit on it.

I live by the advocacy to always be the better person. And I want to thank you because it is someone like you who keeps making me better, stronger and wiser. So thank you for being shit. May you find peace.

P.S – This is also for the people who deserve so so much more. I believe you’ll have the greater stuff. Keep your patience. You’ll be fine. At least you can have a sound slumber and live at ease.


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