You believe in words too much that you forgot that actions mean as much. You fell in love with the way he caresses you and how the warmth of his breath hovers on your neck that you didn’t notice the lack of I Love Yous, the words you’re supposed to hear. Is his heartbeat too loud with lies that you didn’t hear your heart’s plea?

You do everything for him and expect him to do the same, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t call as much as you do. He doesn’t feel as much as you do. He is your universe while you are just a speck of stardust to him. He is so guarded that you alone aren’t enough to take down his walls. So you waited and you are still waiting. But until when?

You break your own heart by thinking that you can change him. You fell in love with the idea of him that you didn’t see him for who he really is. You will keep breaking your own heart if you continue waiting, if you still expect so much more from him.

Stop breaking your own heart by thinking that he loves you deep down. You should never dig for love. Love doesn’t fall short on the brink. It overflows and springs towards you. Love ignites the fire inside you. It doesn’t burn. It only warms your soul.

Please stop breaking your own heart.



Thank you, Candy, for posting this up on your site. I am so grateful. It’s so overwhelming to have your words be noticed by a huge audience. This means the absolute world to me.


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