I am more of a café person than a coffee person, if that makes sense. I love the aroma of fresh brewed coffee but I don’t really like the strong bitter taste of it. This is why I prefer putting two lumps of cream when I make myself a cup. But the cafés, I am sooooo in love with them. Some interiors are really posh and everything about them is just so Instagrammable that my inner shutterbug is always pleased. Not that I’m a pro, but still.

Last Sunday, September 25th, I went out with my friend, Chen. We bought books and decided to tried this coffee shop near the mall we were in. It’s called Frappé & Craft.


The café looks like a bird sanctuary with its wall design of trees and bird cages. The lights are also covered with little tea cups and I find it really cute! The small plants may also serve as green pasture that go with their theme. Other small details like wooden crafts don’t go unnoticed.


This is probably my favorite graffiti on the wall. You can see how basically everything revolves around a cup of coffee. Most people start their day with it so I guess this is pretty accurate. And that little boy there sitting on the top of the sofa? For some reasons, he reminds me of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. What a road back to childhood!

It is fully air-conditioned (we were freezing on our stay because it was raining cats and dogs outside!) They have a comfort room though, so no worries! Also, they have WiFi! You know that’s what you always look for EVERYWHERE.


Aside from coffee drinks and frappe (which you can choose between coffee or cream base), they also have waffles, pasta and sandwiches. All affordable!

I had Coffee Jelly and Chen got herself Oreo Cookies and Cream. They both taste really good, it’s worth the price!

Coffee Jelly (22oz) P90.00
Oreo Cookies and Cream (160z) P80.00


Since we visited the place around 3pm and we were still full from the lunch we had, we settled to Chocolate Chip Waffle.  It costs P95.oo and is already good for two. The only thing I don’t like about it is it felt dry on my mouth compared to the others I’ve tasted (this is my favorite so i have tried plenty). It isn’t fluffy. Good thing there’s a whip cream on top that you can spread to moisten it.

They also offer these cute round petite cakes. Must try this next time because I’ll surely come back!
Their nachos is so good with all these olives, tomatoes and beef! It has pretty decent ounce of cheese too! I had it for take out for my mother but I ended up sharing it with her. HAHAHA!


So, as always, taking selfie is a must. 😂 Chen and I have been college buddies since our freshman year. We just clicked—with our love for books and football. We finished college two years ago and now we talked about how we hate growing up and how true that it is a trap. There are just too much responsibilities when you enter adulthood. Like, how we prefer doing school projects than taking extra time at the office or taking exams than doing evaluations. Though, it is very toxic, we’re still glad that we’re actually learning more and experiencing more.


Everyday from 11am to 12mn


(02) 534 1273


Golden City, Taytay Rizal (before SM City Taytay if you are from Ortigas/Cainta/Antipolo)

Keep living a WANDERful life, wanderers!


DISCLAIMER: this is not sponsored by Frappe and Craft」

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