Last Sunday, October 16th, I had a gastronomical adventure with my friends, Hasel and Jelly, in Gasto Park Kapitolyo.

Amidst the buzz of the Metro with its people always in a rush, lies a place where you can chill with friends and enjoy different diners–from Japanese, Thai, Mexican, to Indian, Singaporean and even American! All in one place!


With so many stalls to choose from, it took us like two or three round trips before we settled for Tokyo Tempura.

I had their bucket Shrimp Tempura. We were about to go for the Unlimited offer for only P199.00 but it says ‘Thou shalt not share your Tempura’. We were planning to try as many food as we could so hello, self-control. Hello, gluttony.

Tempura Bucket (9 pieces) PHP115.00

Jel had Chili Cheese Dynamite that I didn’t dare try because I’m not really a fan of anything spicy, but, the overflowing cheese on your first bite looks so mouthwatering.

Chili Cheese PHP55.00

While, Jel and I satisfied ourselves with plain fried, Hasel chose a rice meal since she didn’t eat lunch then. She had Creamy Salisbury Steak that I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of because she devoured it fast. HAHAHAHA! Kidding. But, take a look for yourself. 😂


Next, for our beverage, we had Sweet Nothing.

I still can’t figure out why it is called as such when it is nothing but EVERYTHING sweet. I should’ve asked the staffs.

I love marshmallows. Of course, I picked Smore’s Shake (topped with roasted smore’s sandwich, choco bits and choco sauce)

Smore’s Shake PHP130.00

Jel ordered Molten Lava (topped with chocolate wafer stick and crushed oreo) while Hasel’s was Frozen Hot Choco (topped with skewered roasted marshmallow), but when our drinks were up, they exchanged cups because Jel seemed to love the gigantic mallow. What friends are for? 😂

Frozen Hot Choco – PHP130.00
Molten Lava – PHP130.00

As we were deciding on our third stall, Sweet Nothing’s kiosk for waffles started cooking up and it has a really great smell that I wanted it to stay forever in my nostrils. Need I say more about what happened next?


Berries & Crisp (waffle stuffed with berry ice cream, strawberries, rice crisps and milk sauce) – PHP 130.00
Chunky Monkey (waffle stuffed with chocolate ice cream, fresh bananas, assorted chocolate toppings and chocolate sauce) – PHP130.00

We think Hasel’s order got mixed up with other customers’ because it doesn’t look like a Rainbow Smore’s. That or we just expected a little too much color (duh, rainbow).

Rainbow Smore’s (waffle stuffed with vanilla ice cream, rainbow smore’s sandwich, choco chips and choco sauce) – PHP130.00

That’s when we stopped eating. I was so full I thought I might puke! We even have waffle leftovers! We just had blue lemonade after we felt like it’s okay for our stomach to have another intake.



Really, there are so much more to try on. There’s Brick Plate if you love pasta, steak and pizza. Japbox and Niku-Q if you want more Japanese. And Chixy9 for chicken lovers. There’s Surfries too! Who doesn’t love fries, right? Maybe, we’ll come back next time to try the others. I shall have that liquid nitrogen ice cream of The Seventh Element.

Thank you so much, Jelly and Hasel! You are probably the only two people who keep checking on my blog and actually read it. 😁😁 You are the sweetest! I had so much fun! Until our next foodscapade! ❤️💚💜💙💛


Monday – 4:00PM to 12:00MN

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday – 12:00NN to 12:00MN

Friday and Saturday – 12:00NN to 1:00AM



1st Street Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Keep living a WANDERful life, wanderers!




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