Last Tuesday, after a toxic day at the office, I dropped by in this newly opened café at SM Center Angono. It is called Mystical Cakes and Pastries. They first started making customized cakes and pastries until they opened up a branch last September where people can chill and relax.


The place is very cozy with good music playing on the background—Coldplay! 😍 Also, the couch is really soft, giving you more comfort in your stay. Though, I love the interior (I knocked on the wall and it’s real woods! I was expecting it to be some kind of painting or something) I don’t find the decoposters that special.

Mystical offers hot and cold beverage, coffee frappe, ice and non blended. Price range from PHP70.00 to PHP165.00


But, there is no menu for their cakes and pastries. There’s even no label in each cake on display. Hmmm.. So, I haven’t tried one since I didn’t really feel like eating, anyway.


Here’s the Caramel Frappe that I liked better than the Hot Chocolate I had. The caramel tastes soooo caramel, it did sure satisfy my sweet tooth. While, the hot chocolate is just typical. I would appreciate it better if it tasted more of cocoa.

Tumblers are also for sale here. Again, I didn’t see a price tag.

I give them props for having a socket on each table ’cause you never know when you need it, really. It’s a necessity if you plan to stay long, too.


Maybe, you’re still wondering why I called this post ‘Memories in Mystical Café’, well  I have a book with me, mostly everywhere I go, and this time I had Memories by Lang Leav in my bag. Also, for more personal reason. I must say that this will be the last memory in this café—a bittersweet one.


Mall operating hours: 10:ooAM to 9:00PM
Mobile: +63 977 837 1650
2nd floor, SM Center Angono, Angono Rizal

Keep living a WANDERful life, wanderers!


DISCLAIMER: this is not sponsored by Mystical Cakes and Pastries」


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