Can you call it love if it fades? Can you call it love if he left you for someone else? They said that if you really love someone, you should set them free. How about myself, then? They said if someone really loves you, they’ll come back. Don’t I deserve someone who stays?

My mind is full of questions I probably won’t get the answer to. Am I not enough? Did I do something wrong? Is it right to doubt myself? What if it’s really not me. What if it’s him, just like what he said? Should I hate him? How do I forget?

Take away this pain, it’s eating me alive. That moment he walked out of the door is the day I lost my life. It’s harder to breathe.

My world used to be full of colors. There’s no more warmth, only shadows.

I lost the fire I have kept inside me, battled it out until he blew it like the wind. Dissipated into thin air.

If I choose to forget, I’d completely erase him from my memory. But, how about the happy days? Would I want them gone too?

I took a swig of our favorite drink and felt the wind caress my cheeks.

Can you call it love if I don’t know what it is anymore? I decided to leave not because I don’t love her like I used to before but because I love someone even better now.
I left because I don’t want her to be with me, whose heart belongs to somebody else’s already. I left because the love I can offer is not what she needs. She still yet to realize that. My heart is full of fear of the steps that I am about to take and guilt from the fact that I left a genuinely loving girl. She is better off free rather than in the hands of the likes of me.
I did what I believed was right for her and for me. Forgive me, my love.

I am no longer able to carry out the promises we’ve told the stars. I can no longer share a piece of your life.

I am unfit for you and I love someone else. I know it hurts but know this, it’s much easier if you forget. Obliviate.

I found myself standing in the middle of the snow–all alone. It felt like I just woke up from a dream I cannot remember.

I kept my distance eyeing her for a moment after I flicked my wand. She seemed blinded by the light and took a minute to regain her composure. She started her pace on the pavement and dissolved into the crowd. It is done. She’s gone.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them inflicted such great anguish in my heart that I ended up collaborating with my friend, Paul. Italized words in cream are his thoughts. Mine is in the normal format. We were both fascinated and brokenhearted by the idea of obliviate. What if? Would you rather forget?



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