We’re on the last month of the year and I’m so giddy about this. I usually hate good byes and endings but if there’s one thing 2016 has thought me is that sometimes it is best to let go and face a new beginning. As you have noticed on my previous posts, my heart has been immensely broken but I am okay now. I’ve released all the feels I’ve got from that heartbreak to the pieces I wrote. So yes, I’m extending my gratitude to you, 2017. Bring it on!

So, how are you all? I hope all is well with you. I’ve been going out a lot for the past two months (binge watching anime and eating Japanese food too as well) and it’s starting to drain the life out of me. That’s one thing about ambiverts, we can get social but there are times where it is too much to be surrounded by people. Can I just say that I’m always sleepy?

Basically me every day

I’ve been meaning to blog about these cafes I went to for the past couple of weeks and the books I’ve finished but I had to bring my laptop to the repair center (I abused it lol) and yeah, I have lots of pending posts. I’ll be posting more before the year ends.

Let me tell you though about the Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair I’ve been into tonight. It’s in SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 2. It has an entrance fee of PHP100.00 and it will be there starting today, December 16, until December 18. It is open for 11:00am-10:00pm. You may visit their page to see what more they have to offer.

The main purpose of my visit was to buy stuff from The Potter Heritage as gifts to my Potterhead friends (and who am I kidding I got some for myself too ofc lol)

I’d like to share the stuff I got but my friends might stumble into this post and I don’t want them to see yet what I have wrapped for them. However, I promise to do another post of my HP haul next week so you can see it.

I bought a Chocolate Frog for PHP85.00 and look who I got.

FUN FACT: I am a Slytherin in Pottermore. I, myself, was shocked. HAHAHAHA!

The event was filled with anime stuff. There was a huge screen where they played Kimi No Na Wa‘s trailer and I wanted to cry right there and then. Have you watched Your Name? Let me know what you think of it! #feels

There’s also a huge collection of funko pop there, “kawaii” tops, hoodies, eye masks, shirts (some personalize on the spot) and a whole lot more of collectibles! Look what I found..


I also persuaded my friend, James, to buy something ’cause I really did spend a lot lol Imma drag him down. He got this cutie from GC Toy Collectibles for PHP500.00 ONLY!


He also bought Konoha headgear for PHP100.00! There’s a lot of sales so you’d better check it out for yourself 🙂


And no, these are NOT for giveaway. HAHAHAHA! These are the items I got from the fair.

  • Socks from Head To Toe PHPHP100.00/pair (they have a promo! if you buy, 3 pairs, you get 1 free!)
  • One Piece mousepad from I forgot the shop! – PHP100.00
  • G clef earrings from I forgot the shop too lol – PHP100.00
  • Harry Potter temporary tattoo from Fandom Trinkets – PHP120.00
  • Deathly Hallows bracelet from The Potter Heritage – PHP230.00

Of course, I’d really love to give you gifts this Yuletide season so everyone’s merry! Please do give me ideas what you’d like me to giveaway. I already have some things in mind but It’d be lovely to hear from you! I’m all ears 😉

I might go back on Sunday. See you?

I wasn’t able to put watermarks on my photos (it’s 3AM now!). Please credit me if you’ll use it (not that you will but just in case). Xx

Keep living a WANDERful life, wanderers!



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