I braved the traffic of the South to see Buku Buku Kafe for myself. Of course, I had to drag a friend with me who happens to live near SM Southmall. He’s name is JP and he was the one who thought of this blog title. 😂 And since he contributed a lot on this, I will use ‘we’, instead of ‘I’.

Even before you enter the café, you will see grandeur of the place with the books hanging up the ceiling. It somehow has this magical vibe thing. It is like the books are flying just like what happens with your imagination when you read.


As you step in the place, you will notice this artwork on the wall at the right.It’s a human with a book head with some tentacles who stands on a cloudbank. Rubik’s cubes and a cup of coffee. If I am to fathom this, I’d say that it is the place for bookworms with a complicated mind (Rubik’s) and different viewpoints on how to handle things (tentacles) and just literally a good cup of coffee and sky’s not the limit (cloudbank).

If you were to ask JP, this is his take: A wall is painted with this unusual piece of artwork. If I were to ask this seems to be a manifestation of a book worm’s desire to read, soar above the limits of imagination and be one with the stories the pages exist to tell. A place for fun and games to reconnect or a quiet time with coffee for a riddled mind.

Did I mention how good of a writer he is? He puts my thoughts into shame. 🙂🙃

We chose to dine on the 2nd floor and the books are more spectacularly amazing up there!


Also, the details on the table are cute! It complements the café in general. The placemat is some old page from a phone directory. The menu was on a chopping board of some sort and is quite heavy! How interesting?!

We settled on our seat beside the wall of a massacred book! Our inner ink-slinger and bibliophile wept in dismay.


They murdered the book called The Kitchen God’s Wife. Isn’t it sad????

As we were waiting for our orders, JP and I decided to write something about these torn pages. Very impromptu. I was pressured! HAHA!

Vienna: The words I bled in each page/the emotions I tried to cage/now turned into bloody debris/of wasted moments and memories

JP: I have written a thousand words for you/put into places to provide meaning I dare not fathom/I have read seas of pages of you/to understand and love you.

How do you like that? 😅

Look at these glasses of water we asked for as we do our write ups. We lurve the effect of the colors that reflect on the liquid.


We first ordered drinks before we looked for something to eat as we just finished our lunch at Komoro (YES! I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD!!!!!)

Side story: JP didn’t want to try on Gyoza because he doesn’t know what’s inside like “it must be snail. I’m allergic” Really? Still got me cackling up to now!

JP went for a Café Mazargan with a shot of rum. He cursed when he tasted it. He was electrocuted by the rum I guess ’cause I was. HAHAHA! Very striking (literally!) choice of beverage. It is a “cold coffee sweetened by lemon and muscovado”.

Cafe Mazargan PHP99.00 (additional PHP25.00 for a shot of rum)

Whilst JP got himself a strong kick of caffeine, I settled for something a little sweeter, Banoffee Float. It is an “ice-blended drink topped with whip cream & ice cream”. Yum!

Banofee Float PHP 225.00

When we felt like it was okay to digest more food, we looked for their pastries. JP took the photos.

Our brownies were taking too long that JP decided to read some stuff from the torn pages on the wall. It was funny because I thought he was just making it up as the words hit me perfectly! Nananadya ka ba? Hello, memory lane. Let’s not go there. He took a photo of it and really, man, WHY?! Coincidence?



Our brownies took so long that we kind of got pissed off because really, it’s just brownies. But turned out that they warmed it and gaaaaah it tasted so good it easy melted in our mouths!


I had the Roasted Peanut Butter Chocnut and JP chose Flat-tops S’mores.

Roasted Peanut Butter Chocnut PHP85.00
Flat-tops S’mores PHP90.00

There are also these unique decorations you couldn’t resist looking at. JP even plugged in that robot (???) thing with a bulb’s head to see if it’s working. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat.


Guess who changed his profile picture to this. HAHAHAHA! Go check him on Facebook.

We had so much fun on our visit! Though, it was pretty crowded and became a little bit noisy when we got there (and we think it destroyed the vibe of a book café since we think it should be solemn and such. this is our introvert selves talking!) It is still a great place to hangout with friends. Or you can go alone and grab a book from their shelves (I haven’t got the chance to take pictures of that because lots of people heh). We were enthralled to be there and we’re looking forward to try more of their menu.

Fact: Buku-Buku is a “Bahasa Malaysia for ‘many, many books'”.


Mall operating hours: 10:ooAM to 9:00PM


Telephone: (02) 805-4632

Email: buku.bukukafe@gmail.com


Upper Ground Floor, SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Road 1750
Las Piñas, Philippines

DISCLAIMER: this is not sponsored by Buku Buku Kafe」

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