I am never a fan of pageants. (It doesn’t make sense to me why “women” have to compete with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I get it that it’s nice to appreciate us looking stunning in long gowns and swimsuits–especially if one carries herself confidently.) Until Pia Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe 2015. It was like all these things made sense. Miss Universe exists to inspire women. It makes us look up to someone who we think we want to be like in the future–to make ourselves better people. Pia made me feel that I can still be better. I can still be who I am while reinventing myself. I have so much respect for her.

But recently, with the upcoming Miss Universe 2016, I am hearing a lot of negative comments about Miss Canada, Siera Bearchell. I am more gutted when our very own, Gloria Diaz (Miss Universe Philippines 1969) commented on Siera’s weight. She was asked about her top 5 bets on Miss Universe. She included Siera IF ONLY she could lose weight. I never wanted to curse so much in my life until I heard her say: “If Canada could lose 8 pounds, I love her face. Am I right? She’s beautiful.” Miss Gloria Diaz, I expected so much from you. It’s like the years that had passed since your coronation deteriorated your sense to speak about women.

I get it that there’s a swimsuit segment in Miss U to display “dedication to a healthy lifestyle”. But c’mon, Siera is not even fat. She just gained weight like most of us do every now and then. And even if she is, does that mean she’s eating unhealthy? What if her body just decides to slow down her metabolism? What if she’s adjusting to change within herself? I have read all her Instagram posts and I have never been this empowered. Isn’t it what the show stands for? Empowering women.

I think Miss Universe is losing it’s purpose. It is no longer about “beauty and brain”, is it? It now just makes every girl’s insecurities worse. I have nothing against make ups (I love putting them on too) or high heels (as someone who is really short, you bet I need it) I don’t think there’s something wrong with all those things that enhance your confidence. I just think that this pageant is not the way to help us love ourselves for who we are.

With all that being said, yes, I am rooting for Miss Canada. So, why not Maxine Medina who represents the Philippines? This is not about the country anymore. This is about who handles herself well. I don’t see any problem with Maxine’s way of talking in “English”. Filipino is our mother tongue, you could say that not all of us are fluent with other languages, let alone our own dialects. We all have different accent and I think that’s okay. What I just don’t like about Maxine is how she speaks. Period. I don’t see any significance in what she’s saying. I think she’s beautiful and a wonderful person but I just don’t think she has it in her but I am still going to pray for her.

I wish all of them candidates well. May they find the real meaning of putting themselves up on the show.

It takes so much courage to redefine beauty and Miss Canada is taking her stand. It’s rebellious. It’s riveting.

“How does it feel to redefine beauty?”- My answer- It feels great. – Siera Bearchell

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