NEW CONTENT! (Let’s see how long I can maintain this 😅😅)



I’d like to start off with something I really love. Yes, you got it right! It’s books 😍😍 I only managed to read two books this January and that means I already failed by a fraction my Reading Challenge 2017.Goal is to finish 3 books / month . I’ll catch up!

I have read Our Chemical Hearts by Krystal Sutherland and I really love it and I will post a review of that this weekend. But, my love for poetry reigns and always will.

The Princess Saves Herself In This One by Amanda Lovelace was a fast read, I’ve finished it for less than an hour while I’m on my way to work and it’s soooo moving. Its impact on me was so strong that I got to write 4 poems after reading it. A friend just gifted me an epub copy of this. Though, I would really love to have a physical one, shipping fee costs more than the actual book. 😩 So, if you have spare copy of this. Please send me your grace. 😂


When someone offers to save you, make it a mission to save yourself.


Spotify is Heaven sent. I couldn’t live without it. Make sure you get Premium so you can enjoy it even better. This is not sponsored, though. Spotify, if you hear me. HAHAHA!


I’m obsessed with their playlist, Your Favorite Coffeehouse. It includes songs from Iron & Wine (you know, the guy behind Flightless Bird (if you’re a Twilight fan that is)), Howdie Day, Parachute, Bright Eyes and even the latest This Town of Niall Horan! My favorite tracks would probably be Ordinary World by Joy Williams and Home by Bruno Major. I think they should add Daughter, too! (Again, Spotify, if you hear me 😂)

Just give it a go, you’ll thank me 😉


I have grown out of my gamer person but I’m getting back to it. As a child, it has been a family routine for video games and stuff but with us growing up and apart, I guess it just gradually faded. But I think having games on your phone is nice to avoid nonstop scrolling through Facebook and Twitter (which can really be pretty much a waste of time). I’ve been loving this Hidden City for a while now. I’m currently at LVL 8. I didn’t bother to check the story of the game (too lazy to read those), I just really love the idea of finding items from different locations from there. I need more energy though and I’m losing my patience when the time is out and I failed the mission. Tsk! You give it a try and you’ll see what I mean. You can download it both from App Store and Play Store.



I am a fan of shorts. They are super comfy. Even if it rains, or freezing cold, I’ll go with shorts. And this black ripped shorts from Forever 21 has been my go-to outfit. Like I can top it with literally anything. I think I got this for PHP995.00. I’m not sure. I forgot. 😂


My go-to shoes looks like the Top-Sider Sperry but it is not. I got it from S&H in SM Department store for PHP1,000.00 (I think! I’m so bad at remembering the price 😂) I like this because of the pastel color and it looks preppy!


FACT ABOUT ME: I ONLY wear socks during bedtime 😂 I don’t know how weird that sounds to you but yeah ~


I’m in love with this crew-length green socks with white stripes and a Japanese inscription on it (I don’t know what it says so if you are Jap or you know how to read this, please comment down below what it means) I bought this pair from Head to Toe PH for PHP100.00. Very affordable and very kawaii! SUGOI!


Our new office is now freezing cold that aside from my jacket, I also have to use scarf. I got this from The Potter Heritage for PHP500.00. I bought this originally as a Christmas gift to a friend but I forgot that he is Hufflepuff and not Gryffindor. Neither I. I am sorted in Slytherin. But what a waste if I won’t use it, right? Cistem Aperio.


Obviously, as a Potterhead (AND a Directioner), you can say that I love the UK. Especially, LANDAN. 😂😂 So, I got myself a case that shows it off.


I got this for only PHP250.00 from Fancy Cellphone Cases. Fits my phone and my heart perfectly 😍😍


I have a super oily face plus I always lack of sleep plus I love chocolates and coffee, so you can imagine the break out on my face. It was last month that I decided to use Tea Tree products. So far, it minimizes the break out and lessens the oil on my face. The blemishes, though, are still visible. I don’t know what to do anymore. If you have any suggestions/solutions, feel free to educate me. 😁 These two cost me around PHP1,500.00. I bought these in The Body Shop (obv, duh 😁), SM Megamall branch.


I’m not really a perfume type of person but one of my colleagues started selling different ones and I just really like the smell of this DKNY. I know this is not the authentic brand (or maybe it is! I can’t tell with the bottle. *mental note to check the smell on the store) but still smells good so why not 😁 I got this for PHP500.00 only. TWO GIVES! HAHAHAHA! Very Filipino.


Now, my go-to make up only includes an eyebrow liner and a lippie. I’m not really into putting a full on make up but when I’m not lazy, I do it when I go out.

My eyebrows have been through A LOT. With my oily face, comes a shiny brows. If you know what I mean! It really does shimmers as the day goes by. Shame. But with this liner from Etude House, it works just fine.


What I like about this more is, it’s retractable and it comes with a spoolie. Very convenient for a potato couch like me! I got this for PHP178.00.

Lipstick. I hate wearing matte. My lips are already dry as it is, I don’t want that heavy and chapped feeling on my lips. So, my go-to lippie is this Nichido Satin Moist in the shade of #honeylove. I’ve been using this for more than a year now and I think it costs around PHP150.00.



I’m not a TV person so I’m afraid I can’t share anything with you in that department. However, I stay on Youtube for as long as I can, whenever I can. My favorite of all time won’t change (so far), and that is Jess and Gabriel Conte. Subscribe to them! You won’t regret it. KERM ONNNNNNNNN! IT’S LIT 🔥🔥


For the movies, I only watched like 3 movies at home and 3 on the big screen. I just recently saw the advance screening of The Space Between Us. Not your typical love story and with a major plot twist. I’m impressed. I cried and laughed at the same time. Not the heaviest nor the lightest film but it’s something different and worth the pesos.


I guess that’s it for January. I must come back this month for another set. Hopefully, there will be more. 😊

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Keep living a WANDERful life, wanderers!


⚑ FTC: This post is NOT sponsored by any brand mentioned above. I purchased everything with my own money and just decided to make a review for blog content purposes. This is my honest opinion about the products.


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