These are all the times Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (역도요정 김복주) “clean and jerk” my heart:

Chubs and Mr. Reverse

I got hook at the very first episode! That just escalated quickly. No matter how much you say it’s cliché to see your “childhood sweetheart/friend” after not seeing them for a long time and then have like an instant chemistry between you two, it is still probably one of the most romantic things that can happen. No doubt.

weightlifting fairy kdrama reviewnam joo hyuk pool

Just look how they intensely stare at each other in recognition. I’m sooo screaming inside!

weightlifting fairy kim bok joonam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung

And that’s where the lie “one more episode and I’m done” started.

The Bar Scene

I don’t want this to be a full blown spoiler so I will try not to get into so much details. You don’t have to dig deep down the episodes to see how far the depth goes. Episode 3 already has that. After they got into a fight at the bar, Bok Joo and Joon Hyung found themselves atop the city.

They talked about what’s been going on to Bok Joo’s mind and Joon Hyung was like she shouldn’t force herself to come into conclusion right away because “time solves everything.” Then and there, I fell hard for Joon Hyung.

weightlifting fairy kim bok joo episode 3

Doctor Jung

I have a soft spot for Jae-Yi. He’s like this too good to be true boy next-door who is out of your league. Are there still guys who will offer you an umbrella? Sure. But this is Jae-Yi we’re talking about here. 🙈

doctor jung weightlifting fairy

Also, are you in love with your bestfriend??? Hahahaha! I can’t believe it took Jae-Yi 10 years to finally see through his bestfriend, Ah Yong. My heart really did rejoice, though, when Jae-Yi asked her if she likes Messi. This line hurt my stomach for laughing too much!

The Lipstick

That scene when Mr. Kim gave Bok Joo a lipstick. It may not be a huge deal to you but I found it very moving. He was so upset about Bok Joo going to a weight clinic when she was supposed to increase her weight for her upcoming competition. But he is still a father. This is him saying like “You’re still my daughter. I’m mad but I love you. You’re all I got.”

Bok Joo grew up without her mom so this act of Mr. Kim was very considerate. I laughed while crying when he said that the lipstick is a new release, but they all look the same to him. Hahaha! Very much what every man says.

kim bok joo dad

Drunk Shi Ho

Shi Ho was very annoying. She got my sympathy later on, though. I like the scene where she was drunk and Joon Hyung came for her. When she was talking about what she wants in life—just pure pleasure and without much struggle then Joon Hyung said to her: “Do you know why you’re unhappy? It’s because of the gap between what you want and your reality.”

It really hits home. I personally have these things I want that are so far from my capabilities—so far beyond my reach.

joon hyung ex girlfriend

I also wanted to hug Shi Ho on this particular scene where she is sleepwalking and binge eating at the middle of the night. I’m so sad how too much stress is causing her. I hope she got this one friend who can guide her all through it all when her family isn’t there for her.

shi ho weightlifting fairy kdrama

The Rooftop

This setting is very dear to my heart! This is like an ideal spot for hopeless romantics, LOL. Double deck bed with lights and a drawer for stack of foods and the starry sky above!

weightlifting fairy kdrama review

My heart literally skipped a bit here! Get yourself someone who will look at you like how Joon Hyung looks at Bok Joo.  😍😍

bok joo friends

Anyway, the place is also a perfect hangout place for your squad! I remember this scene when Bok Joo promised that she won’t keep a secret from her friends anymore but then she still did hide from them the fact of her and Joon Hyung being a thing. 😂😂 You did not, girl!

Love Potential

Don’t tell me you didn’t see it? Tae Kwon and Sean Ok’s chemistry? MAN, I’M SO GLAD HOW THE SHOW BRANCHES THE RELATIONSHIPS AMONG ITS CHARACTERS.

lee joo young weightlifting fairy
AREN’T THEY CUTE TOGETHER?! Go, jump into Episode 11 now. Or if you want the movie scene where they held hands, go straight to the last episode. Too bad Nan Hee was sat between them. Ugh! Come here, Nan Hee. Let’s eat sausages, instead!

weightlifting fairy kdrama review

Also, I love the scene where Bok Joo went to Cheonji Motel to see Sean Ok and she saw her practicing to lift in front of the mirror.


lee joo young in weightliftinglee joo young seon ok

We all have our stories. We all want to be good at something. We all try our best. We always do what we can to fight for what we want. I’m happy we got to see Sean-Ok’s driven soul.

The Toad

toad weightlifting fairy

Isn’t it sweet of Bok Joo to craft a toad for Joon Hyung to make him feel better after he lose on his game?

The Beach

weightlifting fairy kdrama review

If you find someone who you can have a deep conversation with, keep him. It lifted my heart when Joon Hyung confessed to Bok Joo that he was the one who always left a chocolate or candy on her desk when they were in elementary. My heart just went “AAAWWWWWW!”

The Kiss

Bes, eto na. If you feel so jittery to see this already (or again), it’s on Episode 11. You’re welcome.

bok joo kissing scene

The Pimple

Who would have thought that having a pimple can get yourself a guy on your bed? *squeals in Korean*

namlee weightliftingnamlee weightlifting fairy

Amusement Park

Drown in feels. Go on. Don’t fight the current. Drown.

joo hyuk and sung kyung weightliftingnamlee love team

Bok Joo’s bucket list with her “boyfriend” is so typical I know we all can relate. Though, I wouldn’t want to brave the extreme rides. No way. But fireworks at night would be the best thing ever!

I Like You

I impatiently waited for this moment. Bok Joo finally admitted that she likes Joon Hyung, too.

lee sung kyung in weightlifting

 “I don’t know if I like you as a friend or as a guy, but I don’t want you to leave my side.”

The Hunger Strike

That scene where the Weightlifting Team did a hunger strike to get the attention of their school to bring back Professor Yoon and Coach Choi at the middle of winter! Lucky for Bok Joo, she has Joon Hyung! He brought her a hot pad and jacket. VERY SUPPORTIVE. (Take note, they are in bad terms here) TSS! WHEN WILL WE EVER?!

nam joo hyuk and lee sung kyung ship name

Coach Choi

If you have been a part of a team (even if it’s not sports), our coaches are more than our coaches. They all see our hard work, our dedication and along the way, they see us grow—not just an athlete but also as a person.

It made me tear up when Coach Choi gave advice to Bok Joo about love and dating. Sometimes, we all need someone to talk to. Or just someone who will do all the talking while we cry like the brokenhearted Bok Joo.

coach choi weightlifting fairy

The Weightlifting Team

I so admire the appetite of these people. We all need a Bok Chicken. Who doesn’t want free fried chicken, ayt?

weightlifting fairy team

Broken Joon Hyung

This is probably the most tearjerker scene for me. Joon Hyung was so happy to finally see his mother again so he was so devastated when he found out that she was back in Korea to borrow money for his sick sister in Canada.

nam joo hyuk in weightlifting

Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Sung Kyung really did a great job here. I am now in tears again. 😭

lee sung kyung cryingnam joo hyuk crying

Despite his pain, Joon Hyung just proved how big of a person he is. He still went to see his mother at the airport before she goes back to Canada. He even asked for a picture of his sister.

The Ending

I posted this on my Facebook after finishing the series: “I’m feeling the same thing I get when I finished reading a good book. I just don’t want it to end 😭😭😍😍❤️💛💚💙💜💔💕💞💓💗💖💘💝💟”

I feel like there’s not enough emoji to convey what I’m feeling about this. Every good story has to end somehow, right? I don’t know how to move on from this. I JUST DON’T KNOW.

I love how this is a light watch. It moved me without making me bawled my eyes out too much.

weightlifting fairy endingweightlifting fairy ending review

Just so you won’t think I’m so biased—I have things I don’t like here, too. Like, that moment when Bok Joo was looking for Joon Hyung when he walked out after hearing about the real reason his mother was back in Korea. Right when I could feel the tears coming, the scene of Coach Choi and Dae Ho (Bok Joo’s uncle) showed. Like, “Okay I don’t need this scene right now. Just let me cry in peace.” That really annoyed me. Hahaha! I don’t know about you.

[NOTE] If you are a Sheerio, watch out for the scene where Bok Joo and Jae Yi met in a cafè to talk about missing Joon Hyung. That’s Episode 15. Cold Coffee was playing in the background. I screamed in delight!

What I also love about this is its soundtrack and how the sound effects fit perfectly well on their actions and facial expressions! The “WHAAAT” thing was very funny!

Here’s the Spotify link if you miss the SUUUUUUUWEG couple.

I really didn’t want to start watching KDramas ’cause I know what will happen to me. 😭 Seriously, I’ve watched a lot of it before—like way back to Full House, Save The Last Dance, Princess Hours, Perfect Match, just to name a few. But recently, my colleagues just kept on talking about these series from Two Worlds to Goblin to WFKBJ and I was just like, “Okay!” Until that night I was scrolling through my newsfeed that I came across this scene:

weightlifting fairy kdrama review

I shared the video and everyone was like “WATCH IT!!” So, I did. Here I am now! If you have other more suggestions, come on, comment them below. Also, you may share your favorite scenes so we can fangirl together. 😭


nam joo hyuk quotes

Accept yourself for who you are. Respect people for who they are.

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