After a year, I’m taking the courage to write this. I tried to before on my journal but it just didn’t feel right at the time.

I still don’t know how or where should I start. So, maybe..


Of course, who doesn’t want to get VIP, right? We aimed for that. We tried during PRE-SALE. Junice was the one trying to get tickets for both of us then as I was at work (ah fangirl life, you are so dearly missed).

However, VIP seats just kept on opening and closing. It was a total chaos! The next thing we knew, the only VIP seats available were the ones on the last row. I just thought that it’d be a disadvantage given our height (hehe) plus poor eyesight, so we settled for Lower Box instead. I knew it wasn’t bad because I got the same section when I watched All Time Low so yaaay!



Being in a street team doesn’t guarantee you anything. We’re just lucky that 5SOS has an amazing team working with them. The moment we found out about them coming here, I immediately messaged Adam Wilkinson, the one who discovered 5SOS and used to managed them when they were still starting their career.

Can you imagine how I cried right there and then? I’m not being exaggerated. You can say “ang kapal ng mukha” for asking that, but what else could I do? What was there to lose? None. I gotta do it for our team, too. I mean, everyone was working so hard with all the fan parties and album launches for the past 3 years. (That’s thanks to the fambam, too – for always coming to those events!)

As you noticed, that message was way back in November 2015. 4 months before the actual concert. I’ve been anxious on those months praying to God we get passes. Until the prayers were heard. 2 FREAKING DAYS BEFORE THE CONCERT. I thought we wouldn’t get it but we did. 😭😭😭

I was so shocked to see that we got soundcheck, too! I was only asking for M&G, but they gave us so much more. You can see that we really had to buy our own tickets. So to those who asked before, no we didn’t get free tickets. We bought it with our own money and blood of perseverance.

But I was sad, too. It was clear in the email that I could only bring 3 people with me. I guess we were 9 back in PHTeam at that time. The struggle of choosing. The struggle of leaving the others behind. What a dilemma. 💔💔



March 12 was so dear to my heart since Ed Sheeran in 2015. 5SOS just took that to another level of peak awesomeness!

I have work on Saturdays but I filed a leave just for the concert. Hah. That’s what fangirls do. DO NOT MISS SCHOOL, THOUGH. I REPEAT DO NOT MISS SCHOOL FOR CONCERTS UNLESS YOUR PARENTS APPROVE 👍

I was meeting up with Junice, Pam and Nathan that morning because we had to do some errands. We ate lunch at KFC before we went to Samara and 5SOS PH Baguio and the other 5SOS account handles here in the Philippines to distribute the papers for the fan action.


The following photos are from Samara. I’m not sure how many reams they brought straight from Baguio. True dedication right there! Also, I’d like to mention that she traveled all the way from Baguio to attend the meeting for this fan action last October 2015. She brought us jams and other pasalubong. How to be you po?


I have seen familiar faces at the queue but I wasn’t able to take pictures or meet up with lots of the fam but hey there, Jessie!



We had to say good bye to our friends as we had to check in early for soundcheck. The thing was, I didn’t know who we were supposed to go to for our passes. I tried to ask our contacts from *A* but it seemed like they didn’t believe us. I wanted to laugh now but all I had then was frustration. This happened. For real.

We were asked by them who were our contact “locally” because the ones who we talked to for the passes are all based overseas. I was also mad at the time because I had to email to them all the stuff I talked about with the 5SOS team just to prove we were given passes.

I was in verge of crying because I felt like I was gonna fail my team. I told them we got passes but we couldn’t get it. So, I tried to contact Adam and Gabby. Adam told me to just show up with the IDs because my name should be signed up there. I called Gabby as well. Yes, it was 6am in London; I was so ashamed for causing her so much inconvenience, but I was desperate. I was directed to her voice mail, though. These were our faces during the time. Smiling through the pain. Ha.


We decided to just go to Starbucks then for refreshments where we met Dj. Hello! It was our first time to meet. What funny was we were like just looking at each other and all I was thinking was “I know this girl somewhere.” Hahahaha!

I recognize some faces on Twitter and on Filipino 5SOSFAM Facebook group. (The group is now on “secret” mode, so you may  not be able to search it. If you want to be a part of it, just let me know)


It was almost 4:00pm (the registration was until 4:00) It was like watching a ball game at its last 2 minutes. It was so intense; so crucial. I forgot who spilled his drinks on the floor (I’m guessing it’s Nathan? Correct me if I’m wrong, bunso. Hahaha!) when my phone beeped. It was Gabby.


So, I mentioned Zoe, 5SOS tour manager. And after a while I got a call saying we had to meet up with an *M* stuff. If you saw us running for our lives around Pacific Drive, that was it. We made it.


We also met Thea while at the queue. The guts to wear a wedding gown under the scorching sun! You go, girl! 💪




The staffs were very strict. Gadgets were not allowed. We just took the picture of the stage after 5SOS performed. A man came up on stage and told us about the rules…

“Two rules of soundcheck:
1. No phones. The boys want you to experience and see this with your own eyes.
2. Enjoy yourselves.”

Of course, we saw James. I don’t know, this guy is everywhere. Hahahaha! I remember seeing him at the queue during On The Road Again Tour. Tss. 😂😂


I still don’t know what to feel about the performance. The memories are both vague and vivid at the same time, if that’s possible. The first thing I saw was Michael’s hair. You may find that funny but yeah.. Then they all stepped on stage.

It’s so hard to write this! Oh my God, why did I even try again? Anyway, they first sang Outer Space and followed it up with Catch Fire. All I could remember now were:

1. How good they are live

2. Junice, Nathan, Pam and I just hugging each other because it still felt surreal and we were just so happy.

To experience it was one thing but to experience it with your friends is another story. YUNG PUSO KO, FAM ❤️

I wanted to cry like I really did feel like crying, but there were no tears. Maybe because I still wasn’t sure if I was just dreaming. It felt real and unreal at the same time. I don’t know.

Also, I honestly couldn’t remember the Q&A during soundcheck. All I could think then was “OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO NEAR” and “OH MY GOD THEY ARE REAL” and “OH MY GOD IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.” I looked calm on the outside but my inside was like a volcano about to erupt. Unbelievable.




We waited outside the M&G room feeling jittery. I don’t know how we managed to look composed as if we had all our shits together. 😁😁

Je, you know if I could bring you too, I would. I love you, bebe. 😘😘


Got the VIP band. It was just a paper. I was so disappointed when I found out that other countries had it like real wrist bands. But I’m not complaining!



Queue for the Meet & Greet. Ngiting “YUNG 5SOS NASA KABILANG ROOM LANG”


Twinning with sissy! We got our shirts from Serigrafia MNL. We were both wearing shorts and sneakers. #FriendshipGoals 😂😍

IT’S TIME!!!!!

Claire entered the M&G room with her MMI army family and she went in first before us. I was so happy for her and so proud for being a part of MMI. That girl worked so hard in every concert there is.


We were asked to leave our bags and everything we have with us. No phones. No anything.

I was so shocked when Zoe recognized me somehow and she was like “This is Vienna and this is her team” yadda yadda yadda to the bouncers and staffs. She was all smiles and she was so tall. I wanted to hug her and take picture with her, but everything was in haste at that moment.


We were now about to enter when we were blocked by the bouncers because there were still fans leaving the room, crying and just shaking. BUT I ALREADY SAW ASHTON AT THE FAR END OF THE ROOM AND IF WE’RE FRIENDS YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THAT DRUMMER. I’VE BEEN AN ASHTON STAN FOR SO LONG. I COULDN’T FUNCTION AND THINK WELL ANYMORE. GOD, HELP ME. RELIEVING THIS MOMENT IS SO HARD!

The first thing I said was “Hey, we’re your fans club” HAHAHAHA SO LAME. Then they were like “Oh, hey! Cool.” yadda yadda I was panicking inside everything was blurry except their faces. We high five each of them—Calum (not really sure if I got to him hahahaha it was so fast) then Michael then Luke then Asthon. YAAAAS I TOUCHED THEIR BIG HANDS.


There were like SEVEN bouncers. So freaking scary and intimidating. It was just a small room and I felt so claustrophobic. Before we could say anything else, the staffs were like “Okay, face the camera.” 1. 2. 3. Click. Then another shot. And that’s it.

We were aware that we couldn’t give them gifts. As per the email we got, they couldn’t accept anything from fans because they were traveling and they have no place to keep it in. BUT WE’RE SO SNEAKY. If you noticed the ballers we were wearing, we gave the black one to them. It was from Bandoodles Merch. FUNNY, THO. IT DIDN’T FIT. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

We were about to leave when we heard Ashton screaming “AAAARRRRGH!!! AAAAAARRRRGHHH!”.

When we turned around he was trying to wear the baller! He was really making these funny faces. I COULDN’T GET OVER IT. They were all laughing and we were laughing and I swear in that moment I feel like we’re infinite. Hahahahaha! CHOS. BUT REALLY! SO PRECIOUS!


I HAVE THE MOST HILARIOUS M&G FACE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! But who cares, Luke’s hand was on my back and my arms were on Ashton’s. GOD BLESS MAH HART.

To those who threw shits at Nathan for not “getting close” to Calum, you have no idea how fast everything happened we didn’t get the chance to check where we should stand or if we’re close to each other and them and all that. Get a life. Or photoshop yourself at the gap. 😢😢 We wouldn’t mind.

When we went outside, Claire was there waiting for us. We all hugged and we’re jumping around the place. The staffs were giving us glances but they were laughing, too—probably thinking we’re insane. I could live in that moment.


I wouldn’t tell you the setlist or the particular stuff that happened on the concert itself because if you made it this far reading then you’re probably a fam and you already know everything that has happened in the concert. Hehehe

I don’t have much picture ’cause I chose to video it and no, I didn’t upload much of it too because I felt like I will just preserve it.

I’d just also like to thank everyone for participating on the fan action. It was a success! Even Adam took time to comment on my IG post.

I’m still having goosebumps on this moment where everyone was shouting “WE WANT MORE!” You fam, were the loudest. So so so proud.

I also have no words how they ended the show! This video says it all:

It was nice meeting you Rhanica and Ainah! I also remember catching up with Sabrina and Nicole but I couldn’t find our pictures, sorry! Please tag me again 🙂


After the concert, we met up with Samara and Ly because we were staying at Sam’s condo near the arena.

Funny story, it was the first time I met Ly. I met Samara, as I mentioned above, on October 2015 and that was just it. I didn’t know she would offer us a home! Thanks, mum! You’re the best! This is now our refuge everytime there are fan events in Manila. 😁😊


While we were having Macca’s and talking about the concert, I got a text message from Roxanne. It was around 2am, I think.

If I remember it correctly it said: “Luke is drunk and dancing and Ashton is inside the VIP room” yadda yadda. We were all shocked; I called her asking where she was. She’s with Paola at the Valkyrie. Here comes the story of the red lipstick.




Samara and I were like “let’s bring all our cash. and our cards, too. just in case” WE WERE SO BROKE BUT WELL! WE FELT RESPONSIBLE ‘CAUSE WE’RE THE “ADULTS” HAHAHA!

We didn’t have any proper clothes for “clubbing”, so we decided to put on “red lipstick” just to look more “matured” than our actual age. I don’t usually wear red lips but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to see Lashton drunk dancing. 😏😏😏

We took the cab from Pasay to BGC, but we didn’t make it on time. We saw their van pulling off the curb. Not sure if they were really in it but Dave was on the passenger seat, so maybe Lashton were there or it was a decoy.

Anyway, what’s more funny than us “trying to go clubbing” was the fact that there were fans outside Valkyrie with their parents. 🙌🙌

Since it was already around 3 in the morning, we decided to drop by to the nearest Starbucks to get caffeine. Nah, we were just trying to look for a white van ’cause maybe they wanted some coffee, too. HAHAHAH! Wishful thinking. We even checked the whole store to see if they were on the 2nd floor. INSANE! I KENAT!

📍32nd Street, 7th Avenue


That’s how the squad was formed. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GUYS!!!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜


Junice had to leave early because she had exams. She did well though despite the lack of sleep. Good job, sissy!

📍 Shell Residences


The 5SOS altar. I swear, Samara bought everything.


We prepared then to go to the airport as Calum and Michael were about to go back to Sydney. They had different flights with Ashton and Luke that’s probably why they didn’t come with the two at Valkyrie due to early flight.

When we arrived at the airport, there were no fans roaming around. We walked casually as if we were waiting for imaginary relatives. Hahahaha! Until we saw like 4 fam. Well, it was obvious because one was wearing a 5SOS bag. HAHAHAHA! I was also wearing a 5SOS shirt (now I know better hahahahaha). We tried to hide my shirt with Samara’s bag. THEN EVERYTHING HAPPENED SO FAST.

I didn’t notice Calum until I saw my own video. Hahaha! I don’t know, after M&G, all I see now is Michael. He is just so genuine. I really don’t know. He’s like very nice and welcoming—in a calm way.  Ashton is welcoming in a HYPED manner. Hahaha If you get me. Luke is okay. He’s really really really handsome in person. Calum is kinda aloof. I don’t know. But he’s nice, too. He called Nathan, “mate” OMG. MATE GOALS. HAHAHAHA! He’s just very quiet, I guess.

I JUST COULDN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM. Samara, Ly and Pam got to send off Luke and Ashton that afternoon and they said there were more fans than that morning.

A selfie in the bus was a must because “no picture, it didn’t happen” 😅😅


Until it was time to go.

Good bye, Pasay.

Good bye, squad.

Good bye 5SOS.

See you again. Xx

Thank you.. 5SOS, Adam, Modest Management, MMI, MCA, Filipino 5SOSFAM. 💙💙💙

See you, fam on the next event. Probably on 5SOS3? We’ll see 🙂

Save up for In The Mix!

Let’s make more memories together—through and with 5SOS.



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