I included this journal on my February Favorites and I thought I’d show you what it looks like inside.


The hardcover feels like leather but has more defined texture (I don’t know what it’s called). I love how black it is with silver lines. I also love how the edges have these triangle and circle shapes representing the Deathly Hallows symbol. Details are very important, I’m glad this one didn’t fail me. It has also this elastic closure band that’s perfect cue for “KEEP YOUR FILTHY HAND OFF MY PROPERTY” 😂😂


The first page includes two illustrations from the Tale of Three Brothers. Upper imagery is where they created a bridge to pass Death and the lower one is where the third brother handed his Invisibility Cloak to his son and let then Death take him.


Then, there’s this portion where you can put on your name or whatever Harry Potter pseudonym you go by. This has nothing to do with HP but I go by the name SKY (on a Starbucks cup at least).


It opens to another visual of the story of the Deathly Hallows. I’m pretty sure if you get this journal, you are already well educated about all this. Unless of course, you’re a muggle who happens to come across this bloody blog of mine. 😅😁


It has 192 ruled pages and made of archival paper (that means it’s acid-free) and I love how thick each page is. It’s perfect if you heavy handwriting, the ink won’t pass through the next page or the back. The pages are creamy white and I love how my pen (whichever kind I use)  glides in each stroke. So smoooooth. It comes with a silver ribbon that serves as bookmark.


It also has a back pocket and I think it’s convenient for my pens and other papers.

I got this from FullyBooked Megamall and it cost me around PHP700, I think? I’m not quite sure but I’m certain that the quality gives justice to the price. I am more of a bullet journal type of person but this one is like a combination of moleskine and piccadilly style of notebook and I just couldn’t ask for more.


⚑ FTC: This post is NOT sponsored by any brand mentioned above. I purchased everything with my own money and just decided to make a review for blog content purposes. This is my honest opinion about the product.


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