I marked spoilers with [SPOILER] and [END OF SPOILER] whenever there is one, so you can skip that.

These are the times W (더블유) vmade me want to live in Two Worlds:

Fushigi Yugi

This somehow reminds me of the anime, Fushigi Yûgi. I’m quite sure we all know what this is about, especially if you’re a 90’s kid. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be sucked inside a book. Remember “The Universe of the Four Gods”? This is probably one of the things that made my imagination go wild.

I didn’t know Two Worlds’ plot. I’ve been hearing it a lot from my colleagues (I have mentioned this before on my review of WFKBJ) but I didn’t actually read its story or any reviews for that matter. I just don’t do that ’cause I don’t want to be spoiled. I didn’t know that it revolves around the “real world” and the “webtoon”.

I just love how it is given away on the 1st episode. Got me more curious and thrilled. W just brought back so much memories from my childhood—I am a sucker for an escape, a.k.a anime and books.

The Magic Tablet

We all know we need this. I would probably draw myself a Kang Chul of my own. 😂 Or I’d probably draw myself a library ’cause why not, right? I hope we all draw something that won’t cause any harm, though. What would you draw? 😊

Do Yoon

You may notice how much I love the sidekicks, too. The main characters are nothing without them. I just love how Do-Yoon is so protective and supportive of Kang Chul.


Remember that part in the last episode where Chul rescued Do Yoon who got hostage by Han? Once Do Yoon was free and has gone back to his senses, he got mad at his subordinates for just leaving Chul alone with Chan at the hideout. He then instructed them to go back for Chul instead of going to the hospital to save himself as he already lose so much blood. If that isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is. He is a very fine man.


Kang Chul

Whether he is smiling..

w two worlds review
GIF source

Or biting his lip..

lee jong suk w two worlds
GIF source

Even when he’s crying..

kang chul w two worlds

or just being dead gorgeous..

lee jong suk as kang chul

You know you will love him right at the first episode. Lee Jong Suk is a very great actor (I could say the same to Han Hyo Joo and the other casts but I’m highlighting my beb here 😂😍).

I remember tweeting: “Ang bilis magpatulo ng luha ni Lee Jong Suk. I’m so impressed”. This is the only show of him that I’ve seen so I can’t really compare how he did on his previous projects, I just know that he probably did very well. So, if you have watched him before, please recommend something that I should watch too. 😊

lee jong suk two worlds

I just really love how W made me feel all kinds of feelsIt got me hooked at the very beginning. Each episode is a page-turner. It left me obsessed and oh so curious. It’s a different concept for me and I just don’t know how to describe it anymore. It feels like words won’t give justice on how good it was! The cartoon effect is amazing..

webtoon two worlds
Image source

Also.. W made us laugh…

number 4 two worlds
GIF source

two worlds number 4

HOW SEXY?! #4 would always be an inside joke for me now. It’s on Episode 7 (if you forgot)

han hyo joo two worldstwo worlds lee jong suk

W made us mad…

two worlds villainvillain two worlds

I don’t know about you but I don’t think I need to say more about these two.

w two worlds review

I must say, though, that this is pretty scary and funny as it reminded me of Voldemort’s nose 😅

W made us sympathize…

so hee two worlds

I definitely felt bad for So Hee. Unrequited love made my heart the saddest. What’s worst than falling in love with your best friend? Not being loved back by him. I know, I know 😭💔 I just love what happened to her in the end. It just showed that we can still stand after the fall. 😉 A guy doesn’t define you. A guy doesn’t make your story, you do.

soo bong two worlds

Soo Bong was probably me the whole series. He made me pity him and laugh at him at the same time. I wonder what would I do if I were in his shoes. I’d probably just faint or something. And I’d sure *fangirl* too when I see Kang Chul in flesh 😍😍

W made us kilig ~

I’ll just let these imagery do its job..

And lastly,

W made us..

from plain sad to ugly crying..

I could really feel Kang Chul in here. You know that feeling of being lost that your life doesn’t make sense at all? That’s probably what it felt like for him. I love how they reconciled at the end, though. And please let us not go back to where Mr. Oh disappeared completely in webtoon. Oops I just did. I’m not crying, you are. ㅠㅠㅠ

han sang hoon two worldstwo worlds creator

and every time Kang Chul and Yeon Joo had to..

lee jong suk as kang chul two worlds

say goodbye, there’s tears in my eyes.. 💔💔

w two worlds review

I completely lost it here. I was bawling my eyes out on this scene. I still couldn’t believe Chul thought of this. This is just pure evil.

Then worse comes to worst..

oh yeon joo two worlds

I can still hear Yeon Joo’s words as if I just watched it the past minute:

“No one remembers me there and no one in this world knows what I went through.”

Let that ring in your head until you fall asleep..

And if you think you’ve shed enough tears already, you’re mistaken..

I can’t write anymore. This is probably the most heartbreaking part for me. I just can’t take it how I can’t save someone because of the circumstance. I just can’t take it that I’m too late. Yes, I’m using first person here because that’s how it feels like. I can feel Yeon-Joo.

There are plenty of tear jerking moments in W and I hope you would see it yourself if you haven’t yet.

I hate that I write sorta reviews and have to relieve every heartache. Though, it’s okay because you’re with me, right? 😁😂😅

w two worlds mbc

Just a reminder.. you are enough.

Until our next KDRAMA together..


Remember Chapter 7 where Kang Chul bought this illustration book filled with “romantic things women want”? Well, I screamed when I found out that it’s an actual book and that we can actually purchase it! This one in W is the 1st volume.

love is book two worldsw two worlds reviewtwo worlds booktwo worlds webtoon

You can check “Love is..” in Puung’s Instagram account.

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