I know I once tweeted that I might not be able to blog that much this month but since it’s Lenten Season and there’s not much to do in my 4days break from the office, I decided to post everyday (hopefully) 😊



I haven’t done any reading this March because I’ve been doing a lot of training in the financial field, let alone I’ve been sick most days 🙃 But this gem arrived and instantly made it to my favorites. I finished reading this sometime in October in Wattpad. I think it is now deleted from the website since it is turned into a book already.


I was scrolling through the Colleen Hoover CoHort’s group on Facebook and I saw *ate Aya asking who is interested in purchasing Too Late. She then collected the names and she ordered for us. It is signed by Colleen and I’m just soooo happy! I got it for around PHP1,300.00. The first book I got with an author signature was Balthazar by Claudia Gray and now I got two. 😍😍

*if in Korea, females call older females, unnie, Filipinos use “ate (ah-te)”



“He hugs me. That’s all he does. He hugs me tightly without a word, yet I can feel everything he’s saying.”


If there’s one thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE ED SHEERAN WAAAAY TOOO MUCH! I remember going to his concert last March 12, 2015 and it was so magical. He is a legend. He really owned the stage that night! He was one with the stage! I’m beyond ecstatic when he released his Divide album. I know the physical copy will not be available here in the Philippines so the first thing I did was to purchase it in iTunes.


I even wrote an article about it over Pop Pinas. You can read it here, if only you want.


Later on, I saw that *ate Chie from Ed Sheeran Philippines was asking for people who wanted to buy the album online so again, like with the Too Late book, I told her to count me in. Shipping fee costs too much so it’s always better if you order with friends. I actually ordered two copies because the other one is a gift for a friend. 🤗 So, it cost me PHP2,709.00


Also, Warner Music Philippines is having a Fan Party for all the Filipino Sheerios on April 28 to 29. It will be so much fun! There will be surprises, who knows 👀 See details here. I’m not sure if I can come, though, but hopefully! See you if ever?


March is the month I decided to finally lose weight. Well, I always say I want to but I don’t really work on it 😂 Until a friend told me about this app.


As you register, you have to input your weight and height and then the goal you are aiming for–like how  much weight you want to lose/maintain.

What I like about it is it really helps you watch your calories intake (well, if you will just be honest about your eating habit). It will notify you if you exceed your normal sodium, carbohydrates and those stuff you take on a daily basis. It can also track your steps on a day and it will automatically adds to your available calories. I have a normal BMI but I really feel heavier than I used to (I gained like 6 kilos hahahaha I’M NOT OKAY) and I don’t like it so I hope to really lose weight. Though sometimes I exceed to 1,200 I CRI PLS SEND HELP I AM A STRESS EATER I NEED TO CHANGE MY LIFESTYLE


A friend told me once, “you don’t have to eat less, you just have to eat right.” It hits home. We don’t necessarily have to be FIT, we just have to be HEALTHY.


I have this Skechers Go Fit that I got from the Markdown Madness in the building where I work at. I’m not sure how  much it really costs but I got it for PHP2,300.00. It looks so worn out now because I always go for a run on Sundays. 😀


If we are friends or you are following me on my social media platforms, you would know how much I can’t get over with Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. So yep, I got myself a shirt from Specteecular MNL. I think it cost me PHP229.00 because I wanted it in V-Neck. I ordered it with my colleagues so we got to share for the shipping which is only PHP45.00! Such a bargain really.


They wore it in our office one Saturday. We were supposed to wear it all together but I got sick that day and I missed work TT


So, the next day, I wore it when I did my morning run. 😂



I am proud to say that I am now a licensed Financial Consultant and I’m currently with Pru Life UK. I’ve been loving this Power Planner since I got it. It is very thick which is really appropriate for writing my clients details. It also has this financial planning questions for myself, my financial goals and all that stuff. If you need advise or you have questions on what I do in the industry, you can hit me up on my business email: plukviennaadriano@gmail.com I’d be glad to help you with your goals 👋


And since we’re already talking about numbers, I must say that I’m quite obsessed with Sudoku. I was so shock when I found out that this didn’t originate in Japan. I thought it is a Japanese thing! It was from France. I’ve been living with this lie my whole life. 😂



I’ve been suffering from this thing called ‘cystic acne’ for a month now and I just can’t really live with it. I can’t meet clients with too much pimples on my face ’cause I might not close a deal 😂 I had to use some coverage to be able to go out. Though I don’t put make up on when I go to work, I wear a mask. What a life. This Revlon concealer really did help me. It does its job right. I got it for PHP700.00 in SM Megamall. It’s in the shade of Light Medium.



And of course, since my face got really sensitive, I got this Real Techniques brush so it won’t irritate my skin even more. It’s really soft and it does a good finish. I got it somewhere in the cosmetic area in SM Megamall. I can’t remember where exactly but it cost me PHP800.00. The tip was originally white but I haven’t cleaned it yet 😂



Let’s see what shows and movies I’ve seen this March. Well, I went to the screening of Before I Fall. It was kind of funny to hear people grunts in frustration when Sam keeps on reliving that day in her life. 😂 Sometimes, it is really an advantage when you read the book first ’cause you know what’s gonna happen. It has as the same ending as the book and it’s quite good. I have seen Collateral Beauty as well and I love how it ended from downright depressing to uplifting my heart at ease. I also finished watching the W – Two Worlds series. I wrote a review about it, so you can read that there in details. I HAVE TO MENTION THAT I LOVE LEE JONG SUK AND HE IS NOW INCLUDED IN MY LIST OF OPPAS. HAHAHAHA! I WATCHED NO BREATHING TOO BECAUSE OF HIM. But I must say that my favorite for March would be the anime, Anohana. I have seen both the movie and the series and of course, the latter is better. It really touched my heartstring and I just couldn’t stop crying. IT IS SOOOO SAAAAD. It is really haunting when you weren’t able to say what you want to say to someone. We must let it out of our chest, right? But it’s never easy. This anime really tore me apart. Should I write a review about it too? Lemme know in the comments below. 😊


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So, that’s it for my March favorites. What have you been loving these days? You can share it to me as well 😊

Does anyone of you want some items from The Body Shop? Let me know ’cause I’m thinking of giving away a few. 😉


⚑ FTC: This post is NOT sponsored by any brand mentioned above. I purchased everything with my own money and just decided to make a review for blog content purposes. This is my honest opinion about the products.


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