I have finally collected my thoughts (and screenshots 😂) You can read the fist part of my Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인-보보경심 려) review on my previous post. Please let me know what you think 😊

⚠️ spoiler alert ⚠️

3rd Prince, Wang Yo

I just want to lighten up this whole thing a bit by saying that his eyeliner is on point! I swear that’s the first thing I noticed when I started watching this series. I think that added to his “displeased” look.

He looks like he doesn’t care about anything but the throne. He is the prince hiding behind his mother’s skirt. That’s an awful way to describe a person, right? As if he doesn’t have the balls to do things on his own. But, can you blame him? All his life, he was raised by Queen Yoo like that.

All his life she let him believe that he should do everything for the crown. Poor him though, he didn’t learn how to do things of his will. Unlike Jung who has learned later on that her Mother is some kind of evil. He doesn’t love her any less but he figured out how to leave her shadow. Yo didn’t. Did he ever have the taste of freedom? Guess not.

scarlet heart ryeo review

I also wondered if he really has a thing for Yeohnwa when he asked her to marry him. Maybe not. How awful it is to marry just for the sake of power? Bless, we’re over that kind of era. I don’t think I’d survive monarchy.

scarlet heart ryeo review

I’m glad he had Won all his life, though. The ninth prince has been nothing but loyal to him. They got each other’s back. Through it all—including killing people. Yikes!

scarlet heart ryeo review

But despite all those shits, I don’t consider them as really really mean people. If Yo is really that bad, then he wouldn’t have gone mad. His guilt caused him his own death, anyway.

But then again (okay it’s hard to decide what I feel about him), he killed Soon Deok and Eun. I would never forgive him for doing so.

scarlet heart ryeo review

He also killed the Crown Prince (sorta). Murder is murder.

scarlet heart ryeo review

He still got my sympathy though just before he died.

He did everything to please his mother yet she’s still too greedy. Gaaaah! He didn’t have any peace in mind. My heart goes to you as well, Yo. 💔

8th Price, Wang Wook

If you will ask me how I feel towards Wook, it’s frustration, anger, sympathy all rolled into one. I just.. don’t know?

I first saw him as the peacemakerDoesn’t he look so composed? Like, he looks so calm, as if he has his shits together. Little did we know the storm he has to brave inside. I wasn’t surprised when he considered Hae Soo as his “breath of fresh air.”

How can he be so thoughtful one minute then…

scarlet heart ryeo reviewscarlet heart ryeo review

..so reckless the next? To think that Lady Hae is still alive here! I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe Wook is just really that thoughtful. He looks after everyone, right? Ha!

I am torn between scolding him for not telling Lady Hae that he loves her and pat his shoulder for being honest about his true feelings? I want to tell him: “Go on, tell her you love her. She’s dying, anyway”. But that’s so cruel, right? UGH WHY CAN’T YOU JUST SAY IT IF YOU REALLY LOVE HER? He then confessed to Hae Soo that he thought it was just gratitude he felt towards her but he realized it was love after all. Was it, Wook?

*Will Be Back playing in the background* who’s crying 😭😭

scarlet heart ryeo review

I was able to love you more. That was enough.

I know that Lady Hae was in favor of Hae Soo and Wook, so I guess it’s nice that Wook made it sure to look after her as what Lady Hae asked him to before she died. I was thinking that maybe he just really felt bad for taking Lady Hae for granted so he was doing everything for Hae Soo but if we’re gonna look back on the episodes where Lady Hae was still alive, there’s already an affection between the two. Maybe Lady Hae’s request just triggered Wook’s emotions even more. I love how their relationship involved poetry. 😍😍

But just when things are going okay between them, Hae Soo has to marry the King! Of all people! That’s a freaking twist right there, isn’t it? Wook did what he could to save Hae Soo, he knelt down to the King and he even begged Queen Yoo (after all the things the Queen did to his family). Yet he’s there, trying to talk them out of the marriage.

HA. LIES. He failed but Hae Soo was never out of solutions. I would like to say she’s quite a smart ass but some actions have its consequence. *EHEM YOU CAN’T MARRY A KING IF YOU HAVE A SCAR *EHEM YOU KNOW WHO WILL BE THE NEXT KING

So then we thought it would be okay again. They see each other often—even in secret! Until Queen Yoo and Princess Yeonhwa conspired together. This is where our sweet and thoughtful Wook starts to turn into a cold-blooded person. I am impaled.

Just when he visited Hae Soo after the poisoning incident, she asked about So. That’s quite understandable because he collapsed in front of her, right? Still, Wook sort of have withdrawn away from her. Just a little bit. That must have stung for sure.

You think that’s the worst thing that could happen until he found out Yeonhwa is behind the treason. Gaaaah! I would have gone mad if I were him! He wanted to save Hae Soo but to be able to do so he has to throw away his family. Can you blame him for choosing his family? We shall not.

scarlet heart ryeo review

I am in tears too, Wook 😭 Maybe we can only be truly happy once we accept that there are things we should let go 💔

And we’re now in one of the most heartbreaking scenes there is. HE HAS TO WALK AWAY FROM SOMEONE HE LOVES JUST WHEN SHE NEEDS HIM THE MOST! I would have never forgiven myself too if I were in his situation. Wook’s inner conflict is so strong here that my heart aches for him. How can someone be this helpless when he does nothing but goodness?

That’s how everything changes in just a snap. He made too many promises to her and now he’s throwing her away not because he doesn’t love her anymore but because he’s protecting his family. HOW DO YOU DECIDE ON THIS? No one has to choose among his loved ones, that’s just downright torture. 😭😭😭

scarlet heart ryeo review

Prince Wook started to be indifferent from then on. He now aimed for the throne. He realized that he has lesser power now that he wasn’t able to protect both Hae Soo and his family so he has changed. He has gone greedy like most of the characters who are after it. Who would have thought? He’s even behind the killing of the Crown Prince. HE POISONED HIM IN MERCURY FOR FREAKING 2 YEARS! I want to see his reasons and all but that’s just waaaay too much. What happened to him has gotten so much chaos both in my heart and in my head. It was all so twisted and fucked up.

scarlet heart ryeo review

He did what he could to get the throne. He went against all his brothers yet he still didn’t succeed. Maybe there are things that are just simply not meant to be? What a total heartbreak that must be. I’m just glad he and Hae Soo got to talk before they parted ways for good. I’m sure they have forgiven each other. They both have a good heart after all.

scarlet heart ryeo reviewscarlet heart ryeo review

In the last episode, Baek Ah visited him and he’s obviously sick. And he’s aged a lot, hasn’t he? When asked if he misses Hae Soo, that was his answer. Don’t we all, Wook?

Before his scene ends and we all know he’s dying then, he had a flashback of Lady Hae. I wonder.. maybe it has always been her in his heart all along.

The prince caught between a rock and a hard place. You have been torn in more ways than one. May your soul be at ease, Wang Wook.

4th Prince, Wang So

The wolf dog, they say. Isn’t it sad how we easily believe other people’s words about a person than the actual person itself? He may have been wearing a mask to cover his scar but figuratively, he probably has been to hide himself. We all have our guards up. We’re living in such a dangerous world, aren’t we?

Among all the princes, if Wook suffered most when it comes to inner dilemmas, So shared a fair amount of it too. But worst, he has always been the castaway. All his life, he felt like he has no one. Even his mother doesn’t treat him as her son. She never acknowledged him as her own blood yet she was the one who gave him the scar. She’s the real villain here. Yeonhwa might as well be her apprentice. They can both rot in Hell. Kidding. But yeah, I’m so speechless on their malevolence.

You know So got a big heart for not hating his Mother that much. I mean, he sure does have a grudge against her but there’s still a tinge amount of love. If not, why would he try so hard to be accepted by her? He even tried to protect her somehow. Gaaaah, he tried so hard!

scarlet heart ryeo reviewscarlet heart ryeo review

But up to his Mother’s death, she didn’t accept him as hers. I rejoiced when the witch finally drew her last breath (ha it could’ve been earlier why it has to be 2 episodes down the last? hahaha really I despise her gaaaah). I just couldn’t get it why she hated So that much. At first, I was thinking maybe she doesn’t like to see him ’cause it reminds her how awful of a Mother she is. But shouldn’t you redeem yourself then and be nice towards him since you caused him such misfortune? Twisted. Very twisted. She let too many people die for her own expense. She probably doesn’t have a heart, does she?

So waited desperately for this touch but clearly, it wasn’t with affection. She was just simply dying that she needed to get hold of something. Is she even real?

Since So was young, he probably didn’t receive much of anything. Hence, he always pushed people away. Until he met Hae Soo. Isn’t it cute though that he wanted so much to kill her in the first few episodes because she’s always coming close at him but it all changed when she told him he isn’t afraid of him? Everyone knows he’s dangerous, even Hae Soo knows that but still. Maybe love just really pulls you together like magnets. You can’t just resist the force.

scarlet heart ryeo review

Another thing that probably has drawn him to Hae Soo is the fact that she always understands him when he has always been misunderstood. Hae Soo was always there for him—whether she’s lecturing him or showing concern..

or relating on him.

“I told you I killed people.”
“Then tell me why you killed them.”

He was taken aback here. People are so easy to judge and he knows that very well but Hae Soo is different.

Of course, life in Goryeo isn’t pretty and dandy. So has his own struggles too. In order to prove something, he took the Crown Prince’s place at the ceremony. He did the rain ritual. He even took his mask off for Eun!

scarlet heart ryeo review

To be honest, the scar doesn’t look so horrific. A mask won’t be necessary if you’re living in the modern era. Scar was that much of a big deal then though so that’s that.

While it’s going well between him and Hae Soo, he wasn’t ignorant of the fact that she loves someone else. What’s cute is he doesn’t care, “as long as it’s not Baek-Ah”. Hahaha! I love how fond he is of the 13th Prince.

scarlet heart ryeo review

I hoped they talked about this someone, that ruined them in the end.

If they just talked about Hae Soo’s relationship with Wook, they wouldn’t end up letting each other go. That forced So to let Hae Soo leave the palace and marry Jung. I hated Wook right there and then. But in his defense, he did that so Hae Soo could leave. That was one of his promises to her, wasn’t it? That he would take her away from the palace, though it wasn’t with him now. Well, Hae Soo really did want to leave anyway.

scarlet heart ryeo review

“If I had not met him, I would not yearn for him. If I did not know him, I would not think of him so much. If we had not been together, I would not have to disappear. If I did not treasure him so much, I would not have so many memories. If I did not love him, we would not need to throw each other away. If we had not crossed paths, we would never have been together. Perhaps, if I had not met you at all…”

SOBRANG SAKIT NITO 😭😭😭 If I hadn’t watched the first episode, I wouldn’t have a broken heart right now. 💔💔

So lived his life feeling alone, with no one by his side. After all his sacrifices…

scarlet heart ryeo review

scarlet heart ryeo review

scarlet heart ryeo review

All the life he has to take in his own hands.. even it was his brother Yo..

.. and Eun

scarlet heart ryeo review

And isn’t it sad that he wasn’t there when Hae Soo died? She waited for him but he didn’t come. How can he live with that thought? It is so haunting I can’t even imagine. The what-ifs, the regrets.. “if I just had read the letters..” 

Let me tell you, Jung, that they have similar handwriting because Hae Soo used to trace So’s through the poem he gave her. But I know you meant well.

He couldn’t even be with his daughter as he wants to follow Hae Soo’s request to not let the kid live in the palace. He freed Jung from his exile though and told him to visit him from that day on. That’s the closest thing he could get in seeing his own child.

At the end of it all, So was still alone, with no one by his side. But he did a lot for history, didn’t he?

scarlet heart ryeo review

He is the King that brought change to Goryeo. He is not just a prince now, he is Gwangjong.

scarlet heart ryeo review

scarlet heart ryeo review


scarlet heart ryeo review

This is me still crying. To be fair, Hae Soo did suffer a lot too.

scarlet heart ryeo review

Though, I was still shocked when the doctor said she’s pregnant! Like how did we not even guess that? We should have seen that coming, right? Or that’s just me? Then, I thought maybe that has been the turning point for her to leave the palace. When she said to Jung, “I want it.” That must be it.

Hae Soo surely did caused eclipses to every prince’s life as well as ours. They all did.

I still love you. In the rain, when you tossed everything aside and stood at my side, when you threw yourself in the path of a flying arrow for me, I became unable to forget you for the rest of my life. The opposite of ‘to love’ isn’t ‘to hate’ — it’s to throw away. That I threw you away, and that you threw me away… I’m afraid [we’ll] think that. I miss you, but I cannot be close to you. Hoping we will meet again inside a winding fence, I wait for you every day.

There has been so much death here. How cruel? But then again, that’s how life works back then.

Court Lady Oh’s execution haunts me even in my sleep. That’s probably one of the most heartbreaking death. I cried so much, and I even felt pity for King Taejo but damn, he could have changed things.

Whenever I still feel the pain of this story, I just think to myself that this is only a drama series and we can’t do anything to change history. According to the studies though, he wasn’t really a “bloody monarch”. So technically, the history wasn’t changed at all opposite to what it says in the series (or the book it originated from which is Bu Bu Jing Xin). Hahaha I spoil everything. If you know if there is an English version of the book, please please please let me know. I want to read the story.

I can’t quite tell yet if I want to have part two of this as the Chinese version. Knowing KDramas, that’s very unlikely. We can only hope. If the book doesn’t have a sequel, this may not have its own too. Let’s see. I have read in one of my friend’s comment, though that if So goes to Hae Soo’s world, wouldn’t it be now just like W – Two Worlds? What do you think? I joked and told her: “Let’s just think that it’s not the webtoon” 😂😂

I just want to bawl my eyes out again and go back to Goryeo when everything is still fine with the princes, and they were all just having fun!

And since there’s Crown Prince Moo over there, let’s talk about him for a while. His character may not have been established that much in the series and all we know about him is that he is King Taejo’s firstborn and he “fought battles with him” for so many years, he sure is vital to the story. And with a few scenes he has, it is clear how good of a person he is. He is the prince with a soft heart.

You remember how guilty he felt for exchanging places with So during the ceremony? We all know that his life is in danger and he let So took his place. You remember during Eun’s birthday when he said that he knows how happy Eun is when around Hae Soo so he let her do something for Eun? Such a sweet brother, isn’t he? And remember during Hae Soo’s execution and he said he doesn’t want another person to “die for him”?

You remember the flashback Ji Mong had after Moo died? You can see there how good he has been to So. You can see there how good of a friend he was to Ji Mong. You can see there how anxious he felt when his mother told him that he should be grateful that his second brother died, leaving him entitled to the crown. He sure did deserve to be the Crown Prince despite his illness. It takes a good heart too to be a King, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, you got to have a strong one too. I think he is too soft for that. Rest in peace, Moo. You have our hearts with you.

scarlet heart ryeo review

It’s Scarlet Heart(BREAK), by the way.

There will be days when the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, and it will give you nothing but darkness. You gotta hold on then because just like anything else, it will pass as well. Your Sun will shine again.

Thank you for reading! 🤎
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