“Why can men cheat and we girls can’t? Men steal girls so why can’t we steal guys too?” a girl cried as if it weighs much importance. This is not about sexism anymore. No one has the right to cheat or steal—regardless of gender. That’s just pure evil.

You always get to choose. Some people even take other people as an option. Sad truth, right? So, you don’t tell me that you don’t have a choice. You do. We always do.

You do have a choice and you chose to enter the picture where you weren’t supposed to be in. Why?

Love is so powerful that it makes people do either good or bad. You chose to do the latter. I believe that love can never be wrong. It is us, the people, who make it complicated—who make it hard. Love is never wrong, only our decisions are.

He left her for you. What makes you so sure that he won’t leave you for someone else too?

Maybe you know how it feels like to be left behind. It’s scary how someone can love you too much one minute and fall out of love with you next. Maybe you got replace by someone who is prettier or smarter or just generally better than you. Well, I’m sorry you had to go through that but I hope you don’t let other people experience it just because you did.

I’d like to hate people like you but I don’t. Not really. All I have for you is apathy. You know how people say that hate is the opposite of love? It’s not. Love is when you feel everything all at once. Apathy is when you don’t feel anything—at all. I don’t feel for you.

Never break other people’s relationship. Fight for love. Not for the wrong person. Not for someone who’s already committed to someone else. Get out of it. Walk out of the door. Now. It’s not your story after all. For fuck’s sake, create your own. Here, I’m lending you a paper and a pen. You should start from scratch–not from someone else’s prologue.

This has been on my drafts since November last year. I sent this to TC but it got rejected. 😂 I decided to post this now ’cause I was just talking to Junice about this guy she knows who is such a flirt. Gaaaah. DO NOT FLIRT IF YOU’RE ALREADY COMMITTED. DON’T YOU KNOW THE WORD CONTENTMENT? AIGOO. PATHETIC.

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