Before I start with the reasons, I just want to make it clear that this has nothing to do with the series itself, let alone the story. It is more of everyone watching it..

  1. THERE HAS BEEN SO MUCH FUSS. I am not the type of person who stops liking something just because everyone is into it. No. I will even encourage you to love things you really feel like loving without being afraid to be accused of jumping on the bandwagon. Never let other people stop you from being happy, but this case here is different. Hannah Baker’s story is not something you can just have an opinion about. You have to think about what you say, especially what you post on social media. The hype suddenly became irrelevant.
  2. IT BECAME A MEME. Again, irrelevant. How can a series about suicide can be turn into something funny? You can’t. “Welcome to your tape” you say? How about you see through these shits and feel what the story is all about? How about you read the book and immerse yourself in it?
  3. IT BECAME A GAME. I AM SO SHOOKT WHEN I SAW THIS SHIT ON FACEBOOK. It goes like “Let’s play 13 Reasons Why. Comment your name and I’ll reply tape or no tape. Tape, meaning you’ve done something wrong but I won’t tell the reason and no tape, meaning you’ve done nothing. Let’s be honest.” My thoughts on this are: 1) WHY WOULD I COMMENT MY NAME IF YOU CAN ALREADY SEE THAT IT IS ME? Really? 2) You said it’s ridiculous that Hannah Baker used tapes to tell these people why? THEN WHY GO WITH “TAPE OR NO TAPE.” Will you send out cassettes too? 3) I’ve done something wrong and you won’t tell me the reason? I thought it’s called 13 Reasons WHY? 4) Let’s be honest, you say? How about you all stop talking nonsense?
  4. FALSE JUDGMENTS. This is not something to be taken lightly. It is dark. It is serious. If there’s Hannah Baker, then we are the tapes. Not just these characters she sent them to. It’s just saying that we have to listen. Not because she’s been raped, not because she committed suicide, but because humanity has been so deaf of all the saddest cries. It wants to spread awareness and NOT to encourage you to kill yourself, too. It may be triggering, but it’s there to make you understand that SUICIDE DOESN’T STOP THE PAIN. It passes on to everyone around you, like the tapes. Sometimes, work of literature isn’t there to make you think literally.
  5. FALSE ACCUSATIONS. Some are calling Hannah Baker a “whiny brat” or being too sensitive. Hell, aren’t we all either too sensitive or too insensitive? Most times, a mixture of both. But I won’t call her a brat nor that she’s shit. You all seem to forgot that she is a teenager. Aren’t you one? Or should I say, haven’t you been there? You should know. Anyways, it’s always different for everyone. So, maybe you really don’t know. You really wouldn’t understand, right? I can’t stress that enough.
  6. VICTIM BLAMING. I saw some articles saying “she didn’t do anything to help herself.” It couldn’t be more true that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. I KNOW. But we are talking about mental health here, aren’t we? Some don’t actually seek for help because they are afraid. They are scared that people will think they are crazy or too sensitive, so they stay quiet. They bottle everything in until they explode and shattered into pieces. It is true that “OTHER PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING TO DO ABOUT YOUR MENTAL HEALTH.” It’s been there for quite some time now BUT sometimes, people really do push you to your limits. Once in your life, you surely were convinced you had no one. You don’t always feel loved, do you?
  7. TEENAGE DARK HUMOR. Again, to those people who are saying that Hannah Baker is being too sensitive that what she has gone through happens to everyone and that it’s just a teenager thing, you don’t know. You are really clueless how “everything affects everything.” You may be tough enough to stand up with the bullies, to protect yourself but not everyone is as strong as you are. That’s what humanity is for—a pillar to lean on to of those people who are not stable enough to grasp the cruel reality. Though sometimes, humanity itself is the cruel reality. How ironic.
  8. SHALLOW THINKING. This is not about Clay saving her. You may think she let Clay suffered by letting him listen to all these tapes when “he did nothing but loved her.” I think not. I think it’s more of a closure for Clay—in her perspective. To give him whys. I wouldn’t call this a closure myself but her death will haunt Clay no matter what ~with or without tapes~ because she matters to him. You say it’s so selfish of Hannah to not give her parents a note or something when she could even record tapes to “fuck up with everyone who messed up with her.” I thought about it and I can only guess. Cassette tapes have side a and b; there are always two sides of the story (or more). One side can have its closure, the other may not. This is about reading between the lines. Hannah Baker is not the only victim here. We are the casualty of wrong decisions and actions. Hannah didn’t even have the right to expose what happened to Jessica. She herself couldn’t stand up for her friends. SHE IS NOT PERFECT. She’s just as lost as we are. She is as guilty as everyone else. So she chose the “easy way out.”
  9. NETFLIX.. I can’t seem to find this one tweet where Netflix quote tweeted: “Welcome to your tape.” Really, huh???
  10. JAY ASHER. You don’t have the right to make ridicule of the whole concept just because you don’t like it. You can’t just talk shits about Hannah just because you don’t like Jay Asher’s style of writing. You can’t deny the fact that no matter how people seem to romanticized mental health, what we all want is to be heard and to do anything we can just for the sake of doing something.
  13. WHATEVER I SAY ABOUT THIS OR WHATEVER YOU SAY ABOUT IT; THERE WILL ALWAYS BE MORE. We can agree on some things but we can also be against on most. No matter what I say, if you don’t believe it, you won’t believe it. Vice versa. What we can only do now and for the rest of our lives is TO BE KIND TO EVERYONE. Easier said than done, but we got to try.

“That’s what i love about poetry. The more abstract, the better. The stuff were your not sure what the poets talking about. You may have an idea, but you cant be sure. Not a hundred percent. Each word, specifically chosen, could have a million different meanings. Is it a stand-in ―a symbol for another idea? Does it fit into a larger, more hidden, metaphor?
…I hated poetry until someone showed me how to appreciate it. He told me to see poetry as a puzzle. Its up to the reader to decipher the code, or the words, based on everything they know about life and emotions.”

No, I didn’t finish the series, I stopped on Tape 3. Maybe just like Hannah, I just don’t have the will to continue and press play. Maybe those tapes aren’t there to make us understand. Maybe it’s there to just simply let us know. That’s completely different things and that’s up to us which side we’re on. In this life full of uncertainties, we all have our fair share of maybes.


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