Apologies! I haven’t done any reading in the past couple of months. Aigoo 😭 If you’re new to my blog, I’ve been doing training in the financial field. Hence, all I read these days is this:


You can check Pru Life UK official page to know about what we do.

Also, I’ve been watching KDramas lately. It really does eat much of my time. Heh. I’m getting back to reading this May, though. I’ll be posting my TBR pile sometime this weekend. You can look forward to that.


After watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo, I’ve been so obsessed with its playlist!

You can purchase it on iTunes | You can also stream it on Spotify

And as I was listening to it, I noticed that For You is actually sang by EXO members: Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin. The whole time I was watching Scarlet, I got so curious of Baekhyun’s singing voice. I really love his character Eun in the series that I did watch his solos in Youtube right after I’m done with the episodes. You  must know now what happened next..


I told myself that I’m sticking with KDramas. No KPop for me. I have so much on my plate already I don’t know how I can still keep up with the fandoms. But here I am now. KDramas opened the door that led me to the KPop World. Do I regret it? Absolutely not.


I love anything that showcases art and talent. I’m a try hard 😂 I love taking pictures and editing videos as well. I got this app Filmora for USD39.99. That’s already a year subscription so I guess it’s not that bad. It is very user friendly–just perfect for a noob like me. I used to edit with Vegas but the trial ended and it costs a fortune so 🤷😂 I got iMovie on my phone but I just can’t do it right there. My tiny eyes can’t see in a tiny screen. Hahaha! God bless computers.



Philippines, the place where it’s always sunny.. Can you imagine how sultry it gets during summer? It’s like a human oven! I’ve been loving this flowy dress I bought from my cousin (that she got from I don’t know where). It’s thin and soft cloth makes it soooo comfy. Let alone the details from its midriff down to its hem. 😍😍

new 1071DSC_0112


I love wearing rosary bracelets and this one I got from Quiapo church is my absolute favorite. I like the combination of its black and wood-ish beads. I think it only cost me PHP10.00. The other one was from Junice. I think she got it from Manaoag.


Before April ended, my college friends and I went to Kabaleyan Cove Resort in Pangasinan. The day before we left, we looked for swim wears and other stuff we need for the escapade. I don’t know why I bought this sunnies. Maybe because it’s blue 💙 It’s from SM Accessories and I think I got it for PHP495.00 (I’m bad at remembering the price!)

new 1016 (2).JPG

The Night Sky Reusable Cup (in featured image) was from Starbucks promo. I got it for PHP100.00 only. It reminded me of The Little Prince. 


I decided to finally see a dermatologist last April and I’m glad that I did. This treatment I was given is really effective. Though, it cost me A LOT 💔 at least my face is getting better. Almost.


It does it job by drying out the pimples. Side effect, my whole face feels dry that it made my lips even more chapped than it already is. So, the all time favorite is a must:


And since it’s summer, a sunblock is very essential. I got it from Watson. Approximately, for PHP200.00



Before the month of April ended, I decided to give Goblin a go. I SHOULD’VE WATCHED IT SOONER! IT’S MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE NOW!

  • ✅ CAST
  • ✅ STORY
  • ✅ OST

You can check my review here. ENJOOOOY!

That’s it for my April favorites. What have you been loving these days? You can share it to me as well 😊

I’m sorry if it’s short and not that informative. Hauls are coming to you this week. Subscribe to my blog via email so you will be notified if I post anything new. 💙

MARK 5:36


⚑ FTC: This post is NOT sponsored by any brand mentioned above. I purchased everything with my own money and just decided to make a review for blog content purposes. This is my honest opinion about the products.

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