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I drench my feet in the ocean,
giving me chills of nostalgia
I breathe in the cold breeze
and the debris of memories—
that’s buried deep in the shore.

The sunset is still the same
Yet it feels different without you here.

There’s no one left at home
only letters of goodbyes,
I remember the day you said
I need to move and grow up—
tears start to leak from my eyes.

The rooms are still the same
Yet it feels empty without you here.

I watch the leaves fall
and the sun rise; train passing
and people parting ways.
North, East, South, West—
I lost my compass somewhere.

The streets are still busy
Yet it feels static without you here.

The seasons keep on changing
when I remain a bystander;
rooted in the same spot
where we used to laugh—
why do we have to grow apart?

Until that day you opened the door
when I was about to blow the candle.
“You came”, I mumbled
and we shared the same smiles again.

You are still the same
Yet looks different—better rather.

We ran back to the ocean,
sat under our favorite tree.
Up there, you hang my old shoes
and said it’s time to finally walk with you.

We’re leaving this place.
We’re moving forward—
hand in hand.

Here’s the story: as I was scrolling through my Followed Sites, I saw sunbaenim Sam posted “the train to adulthood”. I only have two words after reading it: SPRING DAY. It is my absolute fave! Of course, I was right. Hahahaha! She based it from the song.

It triggered me to write something about it too. Though, sunbaenim works are always better than mine. ㅋㅋㅋ But this is what I really feel everytime I listen to 봄날.

It’s sad but a good kind of sad because you know it’s for the better? I don’t know how to explain it. Just listen to the song and watch the video. Also, vote for Bangtan for the Billboard Music Award. #BTSBBMAs

Thank you for reading!
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I appreciate you lots.

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