It was a nice Sunday morning until I came across this sh*it on Facebook made by this guy (I believe he is a he and must be just a troll account? You’ll never know behind these screens) named Ludwig Van Mallari. I tried not to react because sabi niya “Kapag binash ng onti, para ng abogado ng BTS.”

Sure, kung kami yung abogado nila tapos ikaw ung sa opposing side, parang quits lang nu kasi pareho lang tayong nasa court? But, I am not here to tell you that you are wrong nor will I give you a round of applause for a funny video. I just want people to see the difference between having an opinion and being a prejudice.

Dear Ludwig,

This is me being more of a writer than a KPOP fan. I don’t even know if you can call me a KPOP fan as I only listen mainly to BTS and some other songs from the KDrama OST. Pili lang.

Also, I’m not sure if I belong to the “kinain na ng sistema” since I have only watched four KDramas this 2017. Of course, we can’t include those classics from 10 years ago when we were still in grade school/middle school. It wasn’t much of a big deal then. It just happened that media got so influential now and people got more diversified in terms of music genres, TV shows and series, cultures and the likes.

I understand that you might be doing a “low budget rants” (as your Facebook bio suggests) for a living. Or not. I don’t know. I can’t just jump into conclusions and judge you, right? Unlike you. As if you know the whole KPOP fanbase.

Look at it this way, if I say that you have a bad mouth because you belong to a family with bad mouths, what would you feel? Just because some KPOP fans are immature (just like you), doesn’t mean everyone is. And no, immature fans exist in all fandoms, not just in KPOP land.

Now, going back to you being a prejudice..

You said “OPPA ng ina” and “fully devoted sila sa kultura ng Korea. pero hindi sa kultura ng pagkain and destinations kundi kultura ng KPop at KDrama”

I wouldn’t react if I didn’t hear that curse word. That’s what I hate the most. Yung mga parents nga ng mga “bata” na ‘to are very supportive sa trip nilang concerts and hindi sila minumura, who are you to do so? That’s also the thing, you connote “immature” to “kids.” Prejudice.

Anong problema mo sa KPOP at KDRAMA? Kung tayo may OPM as genre at teleserye for TV shows, malamang meron din sila. It’s part of their culture. And if you don’t know yet, Korean restaurants have been so in demand for the past year because of these things. If that’s not “kultura ng pagkain,” then I don’t know what is.aquaring mediheal


Through these dramas, some people are trying to learn their cultures too. Some even fly to South Korea to see the place themselves. Yes, I said South Korea because good luck kung paano ka makapasok sa North. As opposed to what you said na “Hindi niyo alam pinagkaiba ng North and South Korea.” May pinag aralan din naman kami. May history class din kami dati. May mga nanalo pa nga sa amin sa mga Quiz Bee. Ikaw ba? And may news sa TV. May TV naman kami, alam namin nangyayare sa North Korea ngayon. Kasama sila sa prayers namin. Isama na din kita.

You said:Magprepretend sila na alam nila ung pinagsasasabi nila, yung Korean ganun… pero wala silang idea anong meaning nun.”

If we can study English, why can’t we learn Hangul? Kung trip mong mag online games maghapon magdamag, mang trash talk ganun, then be it. Let these people grow as a person through learning another language.

Just because we can speak English, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Deutsh, French and a lot more different languages doesn’t mean na “hindi” na namin “alam yung sarili” naming “lenggwahe”. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone becomes a polyglot? I think that way, there would be a much better understanding among humans. Language barrier is a serious case. Imagine what happens when we break that wall. World peace, perhaps?

You said: “eto ung mga specific na tao na merong intro sa Facebook na Jungkook, Lee Min Ho, BTS, STD, Leukemia.”

Really? Do you have to go that low? Dragging STD and Leukemia into this as if those aren’t serious cases. If people who really do suffer from those have watched your video, what do you think would they feel? That’s the problem, you kept talking without thinking. You may retaliate by saying you are just being funny. Well STD and Leukemia are not something to laugh about.

Here’s Lee Min Ho and BTS for you.

lee min ho

2017 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals


You said: “idedefend nila kung paanong ang galing galing and napaka complex ng ginagawa ng BTS” … tapos biglang may sasabihin silang English tapos putangina sila na ung pinakamagaling. sila na ung master lyricist para sa kanila. Wala ng kwenta sina Dong Abay, Johnoy Danao, Eraserheads. Wala. Wala yang mga yan sa KPOP. May sinabi lang silang isang phrase na English kunyare magsasalita silang Koreano …… put my dick in yo hand. Isa sa mga dahilan ‘to bakit nagiging bobo na mga kabataan ngayon.”

I’m assuming you are probably above 30 years old  now since you don’t consider yourself as a youth? You may not consider it as complex, but kasi in Korea, before you debut, you need to train for YEARS. Yung iba kahit 10 years old pa lang sila. Unlike dito sa atin, basta maganda ka, artista ka na. Basta madami kang fans, may album ka na. Don’t get me wrong, I love our local artists. Duh, nanonood din akong teleserye minsan pag inabot ko sa gabi 😅

And don’t you think it’s too much to call someone “bobo” just because he listens to a song that is different from his mother tongue? Dinamay mo pa talaga ung mga Eraserheads, e laking Huling El Bimbo din naman kami. Isama mo na din mga Hale, Sponge Cola, Callalily, Sugarfree, Silent Sanctuary, Quest, SUD and damn, a whole lot more.

Hindi porket we’re into KPOP e ignorante na kami sa mga local bands natin. I attended this listening party by Warner Music last March and I was at the MYX Music Award 2017. Baka gusto mo lang kasi makita. Prejudice ‘to. Malay mo naman kasi hindi pa sila pinapanganak nung panahon nila Dong Abay.

And that kind of lyrics: “put my dick in yo hand” For fuck’s sake… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA! That’s the best thing you could think of? That says more about you than the KPOP groups you’re dissing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That sounds more like a western music, though. Get your facts straight. “Wings are made to flyyyy, if my wings could fly” ganyan mga lyrics nila. More symbolic and figurative.

You said: “Putangina niyo nagkaron ng bombing sa Quiapo wala kayo dun. Anong sunda-sundalo kayo ha? Sundala kayo ng KPOP mga putangina”

So what you’re saying is we have to be in the bombing ’cause ARMY kami? Educate yourself.

“Their fans are now officially called A.R.M.Y (아미) which stands for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. They also explained the significant meaning behind it. ARMY is military in English, the body armor and military are always together, so it means that the fans will always be together with the Bangtan Boys’.”

Stop cursing. Ikaw lang ung mas nagmumukang bad influence sa mga kabataan.

You said “sayaw na fuck boy”

Dancers mga fuck boy? Paano ba ung sayawan na yun? 🤔 Isa pang problema yan eh, iniiba niyo meaning ng “fuck boy.” Aigooo..

You said something about the plastic surgery.

Don’t you know na normal lang un sa kanila? Balita ko mura lang dun yun baka gusto mo din try? Choice nila yun eh. Pinakealamanan ba nila ung mga choices mo sa buhay?

You said “basura ang KPOP” and “iniidolo niyo kapangalan ng tae”

I introduce to you, KIM TAEHYUNG. Mukang tae ba?

v bts

Tapos may sisingit dyan na “Bakla yan.” Acutally hindi lang KPOP idols nakakaranas ng ganyang sh*its niyo eh. Pati One Direction, 5 Seconds of Summer pati si Justin Bieber tinatawag niyong bakla. If you mean that as an insult, that doesn’t work anymore. Your homophobic asses may shut up now because you’re not any better than these people you’re hating on.

I am not butthurt. I could have retaliated by just saying sh*its too towards Ludwig. I just want to tell people that these kind of things are not okay. If we won’t speak up, who will? We can make ourselves be understood without going berserk. Believe me, I’m calm.

And just a friendly reminder:

oppa ng ina.png

There has been so much pain and suffering in this world, don’t add up to it. Be kind. Choose your words wisely.

Thank you for reading!
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I appreciate you lots.

when words blend


  1. This is on point. Actually, kahit ako K-Pop fan din ako pero I still listen to good Original Pinoy songs. TBH, I am one of the few fans who rather wants to promote cultural diversity and acceptance rather than K-Pop alone. If only people like them know how to respect others.

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