I am not that aware of the new school system in the country. To be in a family where everyone is adult, I kind of lost interest in it. How dumb, I know. 😂 I just know that there’s basically two more added years for the students. K-12. Grade School to Junior High to Senior High to College. Just please correct me if I’m wrong. Hehe To be in a third world country (I don’t know why that’s even a thing), when you go abroad and apply to work in some fields, you still have to take more years to study there even you already graduated in college here. So I guess, it’s a good thing to change what we’ve grown up to. Only if we have better fund for classrooms; if only we can provide the right books and equipment. But anyway, I think it’s good as long as the teachers teach well and the students study well—as long as everyone does his part well.

Now, I’m writing this because I didn’t realize how much I miss school until tonight. I was running an errand at National Book Store and it was so crowded. I remembered it’s June now and it’s time for the students to buy new things for their upcoming school year. I saw how ecstatic the kids were as they choose their notebooks and bags. I’ve missed that feeling. It has been like a ritual in our family to go together. (Until College came, of course. That’s a different story.) But the kids, I miss being a kid. I miss the smell of school supplies. I was always excited to write on my new notebooks, to use my new shoes and bag. I miss grade school. It’s light. It’s full of learning. I felt like I was naive then. And stupid, I always failed Science. Hahahaha! But Math has always been my thing. Grade School wasn’t really that good, though. I got bullied in 2nd grade. I was so stout. I got my pair of specs in 5th grade. I was bullied for that too. It’s funny how that became a trend now. Some of you don’t know how much struggle we have to go through with our poor eyesight. Whilst High School will always be my favorite. It was so much fun. What I’ve learned then was not constricted in the four corners of our classroom. The thoughts got a little deeper, experiences got a little more serious. It’s not just about passing the quarters, it’s also about keeping real friends and losing them. College felt more free, given the age. My parents trust me more then. I could go to here and there without feeling the need to be home at 6PM. There was more pressure in studies, though. But it’s also fun. Everyone seemed to be more matured so there’s better understanding among the clusters.

I don’t miss school alone. Perhaps, I also miss the lessons but I will always miss the time spent with my friends. Now, not everyone keep in touch. Everyone seemed to shoot in all directions—off courses. There will always be a conflict in schedules so catching up and being together again is like a holy grail. I hope I didn’t take it for granted.

School is a good kind of routine. In school, you know what to expect. There’s study guide. If you fail in a quiz or an exam, you can always bounce back the next time there’s one. Unlike in real world, it’s like you do your job well or you’re fired. In school, you know what comes next. There’s always another school year—until there’s none anymore. In real world, I’m not even sure where I’m heading now. In school, you’re given a map. In real world, you navigate your own vessel.

I wish we can be sure with the paths we’re taking. Real world is fun. Adulting is fun. But also hard. So freaking hard.

What’s your thoughts about school? I’m a little over my emotions now I’m not sure if I made sense here. Hehe

Also, I’m planning to post everyday this month of June. But we all know that’s not gonna happen. I still need to try though, right? I need to push myself beyond my limits so I can grow. Let’s all grow together. xx

P.S – A book called me earlier at NBS. What’s weird is it’s the only copy left and I haven’t heard of the book. It looked out of place in the shelf where it stood as if saying “Adopt me!” It’s called Love and Gelato. I know I still have a lot of unread pile but I might read this first. Watch out for the review. Hopefully!

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