I’m back with another list of my absolute favorites!


If you’ve already read a couple of my previous posts, you’d know how I got devoured by some KDrama series. W – Two Worlds is one of them. You can read my review of it in this link. There was a book (I’M A SUCKER FOR THIS YOU MUST KNOW THAT) showcased in it so I immediately searched if it was just props made by the production for the sake of the show or it’s an actual spine of illustration and words. IT IS!


I got it in Amazon under the Liberty of Shopping. I bought two copies because I want to give away one for you guys. THANK YOU FOR JOINING IF YOU DID AND CONGRATULATIONS TO NICOLE FOR WINNING!

The book costs 24.29USD. It cost me a total of PHP3,374.35 (for two books including the shipping fee).

I was just kinda bummed because the shipment took more than a month. It was my first time purchasing from Amazon so I don’t have any idea how it goes. I used to receiving my packages in two weeks tops. But anyway, at least it arrived. KKKKK

I did like an unboxing thing of Love Is and you can watch it here.

Now, if you may, please help me find a copy of this (cheap price please the shipping already costs too much 😂):



You know BTS? Yes! I absolutely adore Bangtan! You probably have read some of my posts about them and I tweet about them A LOT. You know I really love something when I write them poetry. I already had a couple. 😍


I downloaded everything (except the Japanese ver). I already know most words by heart and I don’t know they just really give me so much positive vibes.

You Never Walk Alone is my ultimate favorite (I want the left version someone be an angel and send me a copy please 😅) among all but I’m having 화양연화 pt.2 on shuffle most of the time these days. I love all of them but Seokjin is my main. They are all bias wreckers by the way so I don’t know anymore. I’m just so happy stanning them.

If you don’t like KPOP, that’s okay. You don’t have to. 😉


Messenger did a good job with its gaming component. Everything is easy to play and all my colleagues are having a good time with it. We have this group chat for announcement/emergency purposes but now it is just filled with SCORES. I’m beyond happy to ace some. KKKKKK


I used to top Snake but well, you can’t have it all 🤷 HAHAHAHAHA! I am so pissed off though ’cause they are all now playing Galaga and I can’t! It just won’t move. Can someone help me?

Also, we have funny nicknames. I LOVE OUR DEPARTMENT SO MUCH. IT’S HOME.


Eggbun. It’s the holy grail to my poor Hangul. I installed it to learn. Hehehe Thanks to Sam for referring it to me.


What I love about this app is it’s in conversational form and there’s always a review after every lesson. Also, you can Replay whenever. I just can’t focus on it right now because I have so much going on but I’m hoping to learn as soon as I can. 💯


A+!!! You can listen to how it is pronounced. Well done, Eggbun.

You can download it from:

It’s okay to learn different languages because your mother tongue will always be your mother tongue anyway. Just don’t act superior to anyone just because you’re polyglot. Nuh-uh. ❌



My profile photo featuring my bangs and Navigation cup. That is your highly caffeinated writer right there. Hahahahaha I got the cup from Mumuso. You can check my haul here. I used it in the office everytime I’m having kuhpi.


Isn’t it cute? Don’t ask me why I bought it because I don’t know either. I just thought their cute and it’s only for PHP35.00 in National Bookstore.


I won this clear tumbler from The Breadery for their Mother Day Special thing on their social media and I love it so much because it looks so classy. If you drop by to their branch in Emerald, Ortigas please let me know. Let’s chat and you really must try out their canéle. You’re welcome!



Bless VLIVE. I just recently upgraded to BTS Channel+ because I really want to watch their Behind the Scenes videos and other stuff that are not available in the VLIVE app alone. Also, I want to see whenever the Bangtan boys join the chatroom. Wala eh, kinain na. 😂😂 Subscription monthly is PHP149.00

I gave up my Spotify premium for this. No regrets. Hahaha!



Unfortunately, there are videos that are still not available in BTS Channel+, you need coins to watch their 3RD ANNIVERSARY PRESENT and so I also purchased that. 😂😂 They are about to release Part 2 of this so I finished all these broadcasts already. I really encourage every ARMY to purchase these from VLIVE+ because V does really bring them to good places. If it’s not for V we wouldn’t have these awesome videos to watch. (Rereading it I was like, they don’t think V is Taehyung right? 😂😂)


That’s just about it for my May favorite. I promise it won’t always be Korean. June will be different. 😂

You may also noticed that I don’t have anything under the Fashion and Face/Body category. I just didn’t buy anything in that department. I don’t know why either. Though, I’m giving away The Body Shop products on my Instagram:

  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser
  • Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mattifying Toner


MARK 5:36

vienna wp



  1. Oooh! I know that book. The couple has a Facebook page too and they post videos and photos. I love it! Their posts are always relatable (for someone in a relationship. Lol) and super cuuute!

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  2. W-Two Worlds was definitely one of the best dramas I’ve watched! No- honestly, it was so frustrating every time things would turn out smooth and then fall apart, but it just made you want to watch it more and more. I thought the ending was really sad, too. But the plot was very uncommon for a korean drama and all those plot twists just made it very interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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