June 12, 1898, we were freed from the Spaniards through Treaty of Paris—where we were relinquished from Spain to the United States. Were we really ever free? (Though, I would really choose America over Spain then.)

I am no Historian. I definitely don’t remember every thing that was taught in school (so you can say how stupid my thoughts are). I am grateful to have this sovereignty but I can’t help but wonder, would it be better if all ratification didn’t happen? Will the Philippines have a better economy then? Will we still be suffering from poverty? Will we have a better education?

I don’t know what’s worse, being colonized or being a Third World country?

Our heroes fought so hard for our independence but I don’t think we gave them justice. Or did we? They fought with blood and brains and here we are complaining about the Government instead of working our way to survive better; to be better. It’s been going on for decades after decades but we are still the target of all these powerful countries. We’re always on a desperate cry. Why are we still the weakling? When will it ever stop? I can only ask so much.

It’s hard to determine which action to make for the greater good; for the betterment of our nation. Life is so complex there are so many factors to consider.

But if there’s one thing I’m so proud about us, Filipinos, is that we don’t need a grandeur life to survive. We can live by eating only two meals a day. We can withstand all these struggles with our family support system and our faith to God. Most of the times, we are lacking of this and that but we are still capable of looking at the bigger picture; the positive side. We can still look at life with light and with hope.

As long as the blue remains above the red; as long as we can still find happiness in the smallest of the smallest of things, I’m proud of us. Mabuhay ka, Pilipinas.

MARK 5:36

vienna wp



  1. got to appreciate your honesty in writing this article Vienna, i too wish for our country to be better in the days to come!

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  2. I cannot thank our heroes enough for our independence. I love the Philippines, no matter what. What sucks though is not every Filipino feels the same way. They might say they do but they really don’t. I honestly think we have we have to love our own first, truly love it, so we can succeed as a country and nation.

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    1. Most of the times, we don’t really appreciate our own country. Maybe because some of us are really struggling so much to survive in a day-to-day basis that we don’t really see the good at times.

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      1. That is true, unfortunately. 😦 I think human in generals tend to have this attitude and only appreciate something once it’s gone


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