Here’s the story (I love telling them) I’ve been looking for BTS phone case for awhile now but everytime I see a Korean themed online shop, they sell hard cases. I don’t like hard cases. (If you know where can I get BTS inspired soft cases please comment it down below). I really wanted to personalize my phone with BTS touch because.. kinain na nga 😂

So as I was scrolling though different shops, I stumbled upon these cute popsockets and I’ve been so obsessed with them since then. Though, I also couldn’t find a design that fits me.

tea tree mask

Then one day, one of my colleagues mentioned that she saw a plain black one in the East tower building where we work at. That’s when the idea rushed in. 💡

I remembered I have poster paints stored at home. Here’s basically all you need:

  • I got my plain black (whichever color you prefer) popsocket for PHP100
  • I looked for an old nail polish and used its brush as applicator (if you have thin brushes that’s better) I was about to use cotton buds but it’s too thick 😂
  • White (whatever color will match your popsocket) poster paint (National Book Store, PHP29.75)
  • Colorless (nail polish)
  • What I did first was I practiced how to write 진 using a pen and paper. Then I also tried painting it on the paper first until I thought I got it okay (still, not perfect)
  • I started writing it on the popsocket (slowly but surely)
  • I waited until the paint dried out before I applied the colorless nail polish (for a slight glow and long lasting life ㅋㅋ)

I’m honestly not sure if it will last long. Maybe I should have used a stronger paint. I don’t know, at least I got what I want. 😂


It’s nothing fancy but I hope you like it. xx

Of course, here’s me flaunting it in public.


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