June 26, 2017

Probably the only Monday I looked forward to!

Today’s agenda:

  1. Go to Korea Town
  2. Buy stuff from KMarts
  3. Eat Samgyupsal

I woke up feeling refreshed from our Day 1 adventure. The sun seemed to have not risen up yet. So I thought. Junice entered the room and I found out it was already 9 in the morning. We were supposed to leave at 9! She didn’t wake me up. HAHAHAHAHA! Long story short, we left their house at 11:00AM.

We left San Fernando with iced coffee as energizer. Hello to the staffs of McDo who greeted us in Korean. 😂

It was less than an hour drive to Angeles where Korea Town is located. The whole way there, we were just talking about Bangtan, of course. Some thoughts are just in passing I couldn’t remember them anymore. Just Bangtan. Always Bangtan. 😂

When we arrived there, the road was closed. We had to take turns before we can enter the highway. There were road reconstructions. We believe that they are developing and improving the place even more.

We went at noon so it was pretty hot but it wasn’t crowded yet. Parking was a bit difficult, though. There were too many cars and it’s one-way.

We went first to IM Mart but we couldn’t find the Jjajangmyeon that Taehyung talks about so much. We didn’t see the Banana Kick that Jungkook loves to eat at fanmeets as well.

Heading off to our next KMart, Sing Sing Hi-Mart, we finally found what we were looking for. We also bought cookies and chocolates. Jin Ramen is pretty good too, by the way. Junice (I think) will make a review of the food we bought over her blog at Reverie. Please look forward to it.

After a couple more walks around the area, we finally settled at Kun Dae Mun Korean Resto for lunch. They offer unlimited samgyupsal with unlimited side dishes. It only cost PHP200.00. We had Soju but I didn’t like it. 😂 The owner of the place was so kind. We asked to change our grilling pan and he told his staffs to do it right away like “Change it. Change it.” Once we were done eating, we said “감사합니다!!!” and he seemed amused. Hahahaha!

A&M 1017.JPG

It was a long walk going back to Junice’s car so we decided to have Korean ice cream on our way there.

We couldn’t really go store to store because it’s really hot and I had to go back to Manila before I get stuck in traffic. We will surely come back though for more informative blog. I hope the links provided and some info will do for now.

Here’s the whole Korea Town map:


Korea Town is located at Fil-AM Friendship Highway, Barangay Anunas, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines.

You can watch our vlog on Youtube.

Thank you for reading! 🤎
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