Hi! It’s been a while since I took you out on a date.

[TRANS]: My café blog was 4months ago in The Heritage Cafe and I haven’t posted anything food related since so I decided to finally visit another café last month.

My love for coffee just escalated to another level. I used to not like it. I was more into the aroma of it and the aesthetic of the coffee shops—the tranquility it gives me. I really don’t like black coffee but I definitely can’t go on without a couple of creamy cups or more.

It was a holiday. My mother and I decided to visit the Antipolo Cathedral. I told her the last time we went there I saw a place nearby that caught my attention and that I wanted to try it this time.

Cake Draft Café sits along P. Olivers Street Barangay San Roque, Antipolo Rizal.


You might not see it right away as it is on the 2nd floor. It won’t be too hard to find though because it’s the main street to the church. It is across 7/11 and the Jeepney terminal to Crossing/Tikling.

I personally love the place because it is spacious—even the tables are! I love how they used a clock in the word coffee. Heh, witty. It’s coffee time, anytime.

I didn’t see any particular element that makes this café stand out from the rest except the food. GAAAAAH THE FOOD. MY MOTHER AND I JUST LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH. Though, I think we ordered too much for two people. 😂 They serve it in a chopping board which I think is cute as it complements the table really well. We didn’t wait long for the food, plus point.


I love pesto. I always go for it whenever it is available in store. This one didn’t disappoint. I don’t know how to describe the taste, though. I need Seokjin to do it for me. 😂


My mother went for carbonara. It’s very creamy but not too salty despite the overload cheese and bacon.


For the side dish, we didn’t get to finish it as we were already so full. I love the chips (I think it’s Pringles) that comes with the panini.

For the drinks, of course I had iced coffee. IT IS THE BEST. I REALLY LOVE THE BITTERSWEET TASTE—just the right blend. We all need that kind of balance. 😂


They are also offering cakes and I was shookt to see that there is a “Vienna Cake” existing in this part of the multiverse. Of course, I had to buy it. Hahaha!


We will probably come back when we find our hearts back in Antipolo.

There’s WiFi, by the way. But it’d be nice to spend your time in a café like this reading or writing. It’s better to appreciate the place that way. 💙 (unless you’re not really into it)


MARK 5:36

vienna wp

DISCLAIMER: this is not sponsored by Cake Draft Café」


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