Yes to my second favorite month! Even if I was born in June, December will always have the biggest part of my heart. Okay, that’s an overly dramatic intro. 😂 I’m back with another set of fave. I hope you find this content useful and entertaining.


Honestly, I haven’t read this book yet but Junice got me this for my birthday. That makes it my instant favorite. She confessed that she was about to get me other book but she saw this and the title caught her eye and the “poetry” part. Aww. My hearteu. 💙 I can’t wait to read it!


I finished two books for June, though. You might want to read my reviews:


I know, I know. I said this set of fave won’t be about Korea/KPop or KDrama because you are probably so fed up by all my ramblings about them. Hahaha! But a friend of mine ordered this for me as a birthday gift it needs a proper credit. You Never Walk Alone by Bangtan Sonyeondan, everyone.


No, actually, here’s the story:

I got him Ed Sheeran’s Divide album last March for his birthday. It was my turn now to demand for a gift. 😂 What I did was I looked from Yesasia. I wanted the left version so much but they are only offering random version. I got the right one. I am not a fan of pink but I thought Seokjin greeted me a happy birthday because this is his favorite color. 😂 And yes, I was the one who registered an account in Yesasia, I put it in the cart, gave him the email and password and said: “You handle the checkout.” Hahahaha! It cost him $35.96. I was so happy because he chose express shipping so it only took 2 days. It came from Hongkong. To think that when we ship items here in the country, it also takes that long (even you’re just literally sending it in Luzon—well still depends on the courier). 😂

I was supposed to order directly from the official shop but I thought then that it is all in Hangul so I looked for another shops available. Hahahaha So dumb.


I just want to show off my progress in Everwing. 😂 I love Aurora so muuuch!



I have seen a lot of videos for DIY embroidered clothes (or even shoes!) and I think they are so lovely! I got this maong short from Jewels for PHP250.00.


Almost all my flip flops are Carribean. I just found out that it is a local brand and I couldn’t be more satisfied. #LoveLocal, indeed. I love its durability and comfort. I got this from SM Department Store for approximately PHP300.00. I always forget the price, sorry!


My colleagues also got me a BTS shirt as present. They know. Hahaha! You can see here what they did on my workstation on my birth day. Yep, I had to work that day. That’s called #adulting. Hahaha!



I have about 13 cases now and I don’t even know why. I just love changing it depends on my mood. I love the simplicity and elegance of this one from Sparkle Beauty PH. It’s PHP250.00. It’s soft case. I don’t use hard cases anymore.


As much as I want to use face masks again, I’m afraid to damage my face even more. 😂 But I found out about this Mud Soap from Aqua Mineral. It is also from the “Dead Sea”, same as my cleanser for treatment, so I guess it’s okay to use it. So far, it’s good. It’s originally PHP1,600.00 but the manager in their Glorietta branch, Bar, gave it to me for PHP1,000.00 only.


I just changed my lipbalm from Chapstick to Nivea. Take a guess why. 😂 I love the flavor of this one. I got this from Watsons for PHP92.00 (?)



I have always and always will love chai. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw this in the supermarket. I prefer it hot though rather than iced. It’s for PHP49.00. Pretty affordable for 6 sachets already.


Again, I know, I know, I know BUT I’ve been loving Korean noodles. 😂 This one is my absolute favorite. I just go for mild because I might not be able to eat the “spicy” one. I think this is PHP48.00 in supermarket but it’s definitely cheaper in KMarts.


It also comes in cups.


This ramyun is also good. A little bit spicier than Jin Ramen but bearable (for me at least). It costs PHP101.00 in Savemore but only PHP70.00 in KMarts. I go to Ha-Neul in Emerald, Ortigas. I don’t know if all KMarts price the same.



I think Everything Everything was the only movie I’ve seen this June. You go watch it. Hawaii is such a paradise!


That’s it for my June favorites! Please share to me what you’ve been loving this past month. I will probably try some of it too and see for myself 🙂

We’re already in 3rd quarter of the year! Aaaa time really does fly so fast. I hope you’re catching up okay. Do whatever in your own pace.

MARK 5:36

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