I wasn’t an innate reader. It took a while before I realized how much I love reading. I fell in love with writing first. BUT AAAAA! The thought of being surrounded by books, feeling their spines on my fingertips, the smell (!!!!!) make me so giddy already. It’s like caffeine for me. Intoxicating. Alluring.

I remember the first time I picked up a book that is not academic. I was probably around 11? We were asked to read a novel by a Filipino author to make a reaction paper for it. I remember it was in my tita’s bedroom where I looked through. I couldn’t remember that particular book that I passed for our English subject. Instead, I remember this novel (so well) I also found in her house. It’s called Before Women Had Wings by Connie May Fowler. I’ve read it first because it really caught my attention. IT WAS SO GOOD. I want to give it a read again now that I’ve grown up. The narrator in the book is a 9-year-old girl so it wasn’t hard for me to see through her eyes given my age that time. I wonder if I will still see the book the way I saw it years ago. We’ll see.

That was the first and last time I’ve read a novel before high school came. I was too engrossed into music, playing the guitar and of course, animé. Then Twilight happened. I was a huge TwiHard. A friend of mine forced me to watch it then I saw my other friends reading it so I also gave it a go. There came our graduation. I had to stop my schooling for a year before I entered college. In that whole year I was stuck at home, I found refuge in between the pages. Life was so dull that time that I found back its colors in books. Most people claim that Harry Potter is part of their childhood. It was for me but only in terms of the movies. I’m glad though that I was able to finish the series before all the films were out. I have gone a long way since then.

I used to just borrow books from libraries and friends. I also tried ebooks. I wasn’t capable of buying my own copies then because my allowance was just enough to survive my school expenses. The first book I bought with my own money was Message in a Bottle. The first hardbound I owned was Hourglass. I only got the chance to like really collect books and buy them constantly when I started working. So yes, as you can see in the image, that is all my books. I was cleaning up my stuff when I decided to take a picture of it and I thought why not share how I got to reading. What’s your story? 😊


I am not, in any way, bragging. Some of these books I got from book fairs for lower cost. The others are gifts from the people who care enough to spend a peso on me. I just couldn’t thank them enough. You would notice that some of the series aren’t complete yet. It’s because I’m still saving up for the others.

This is also to remind me to get a shelf. Hahahaha! How do you organize your books? I go by authors then if I only have one book from that certain writer, I group them by colors or hue (sometimes, I fail 😂).

I’m going to list down below every book that I have. I will link my review if available. I wasn’t into doing reviews until late last year. Also, I got out of zone but I’m trying to get back to reading now so please look forward to more book related post.

Let us talk about every single one of these babies. I’d like to know your thoughts! Bibliophiles unite!!!

Alejandro Guillermo Roemmers

  • The Return of the Young Prince

Andrea Portes

  • Anatomy of a Misfit

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

  • The Little Prince

Ava Dellaira

  • Love Letters to the Dead

Cecelia Ahern

  • Love, Rosie

Claudia Gray

  • Stargazer
  • Hourglass
  • Balthazar

Colleen Hoover

  • Too Late
  • Maybe Someday

Connie May Fowler

  • Before Women Had Wings

Danielle Steel

  • Kaleidoscope

David Levithan

  • Another Day

Harper Lee

  • To Kill A Mockingbird

Herman Melville

  • Moby Dick

Holly Bourne

  • What  A Girl Gotta Do?

Jay Asher

  • What Light

Jean Webster

  • My Daddy Long Legs

Jennifer Niven

  • Holding Up The Universe
  • All The Bright Places

Jennifer Smith

  • Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between

J.K Rowling

  • Harry Potter Series
  • Harry Potter and The Cursed Child (US & UK ED)
  • Casual Vacancy

Krystal Sutherland

Lang Leav

  • Love & Misadventures
  • Lullabies
  • Memories
  • The Universe of Us
  • Sad Girls

Lauren Kate

Louise Hawes

  • The Language of the Stars

Matthew Quick

  • Every Exquisite Thing

Maureen Johnson

  • 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Michael Faudet

  • Dirty Pretty Things
  • Bitter Sweet Love

Michelle Falkoff

  • Playlist for the Dead

Morgan Matson

  • Second Hand Summer
  • Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour

Nicholas Spark

  • Message In A Bottle

Nicola Yoon

Paulo Coelho

  • The Alchemist
  • Veronica Decides To Die


Rick Riordan

  • The Red Pyramid

Sophie Kinsella

  • Remember Me?

Stephenie Meyer

  • Twilight
  • New Moon

Suzanne Collins

  • The Hunger Games Series

My current read: Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch

That’s it for my collection. Link me to yours! It would be lovely to see your book aesthetic. I suck at “bookstagramming” 😂

You can check all my read books here.

Also, if you noticed, I changed my theme. Welcome to the era of more caffeinated blogs. 😂 I hope you like it! I did a poll on Twitter and unfortunately, some of you don’t. 😆 But I love it so I’m keeping it this way. It’s the palette I’m going for.

May we all have the strength to wake up early tomorrow because Monday traffic is ugh!




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