안녕!! We got to attend the Korean Product Festival! It’s FREE ADMISSION, so why not? I’m glad how KDRAMA and KPOP opened the door to Korean Culture for me. It’s really daebak! What’s more fun about this all is I get to learn with my friends.

Mind you, I wasn’t late this time! I met up with Sam with an ample time to spare and you know the drill. “But first, coffee.”

We were supposed to meet up with Junice first before we see Evi in SM Aura, but she couldn’t make it so we couldn’t do our planned challenge as well. Same with James who had to work until that morning. Originally, we were gonna team up and buy stuff worth PHP1000. The team with more items to get in that budget wins. So, that already failed, but we still had fun just wandering around!

It was the last day of the 3-day event. We went there as early as 10am because we weren’t quite sure if it’d be crowded given that it’s Sunday and most people are out somewhere, especially in malls.

So, let the fun begin! (I will try to link you to everything! Click. Click. Click. I hope you find this helpful somehow.)

We arrived in SMX while other stalls are still setting up. Naks, punctual kami. Early birds 😂 You are with me for quite awhile now if you already figure out which we went to first. It’s the Philippine KPOP Convention.

We saw on Facebook page that they will be there and WE SAW JUNGKOOK AND SEOKJIN STANDEES! That made us more eager to go!

Meet Evi:

Meet Sam:

Me 😂:

While we were there, we met an Army. Her name is Isabel and she’s 10! What a cutie! We babysit her and her brother, Kobe, who is 7. She just wanted to stay with us and chat instead of going with her parents.

Maybe it’s her first time having KPOP stans for company ’cause she mentioned that her cousins and classmates bully her for liking KPOP. Though she’s cool with it, like “it’s my life anyway.” Love the attitude! She’s the sweetest too ’cause she kept hugging us and playing with our hands. I feel like I’ve known her somewhere before. Our past lives, maybe? Okay, the KDRAMA influence!

photo from Evi


There were about 50 stalls there but some didn’t set up anymore. I have seen online that there were much activities on the first two days. Some of them lowered the prices of their products, though. That’s still a plus for us.


I am always jealous of Korean’s skin. No doubt, they use so much good products to have it that flawless!

This stall has a lot of face masks and some of them costs only P200/pack. There’s about 5 pieces in each if I’m not mistaken. After just a couple of walk around, everything there was almost sold out!


They let us try their product which is a cloth made of jade. YES, JADE. I don’t know how that’s possible? That’s just wow! It makes your skin smoother right after you use it.

(I don’t have pictures for everything because I vlogged. Lesson learned: take pictures as well!)

  • Red 99

This “Whitening Eye Essence” caught my attention, but I really don’t have any idea what it is. I wasn’t able to talk to the person in charged because she’s busy talking to a Korean customer and who am I? 😂 I can’t find any link for their shop but what shookt me the most was the fact that they have this stuff amounting to PHP16,000, but on that last day, it was lowered to PHP1,200. HOW. There’s also this essence from PHP1,800 to PHP400!


There’s a super pretty girl in this stall and she gave us their business card. They are an online shop and they sell gadgets and food aside from cosmetics (which is where they are focusing now).



They sell bath towels made of green tea, charcoal and yellow mud. I’m just so amaze how Korean products are very natural. They all seem light for the skin.


They have a pretty cute packaging for lipsticks. Also, there’s Yoo In Na standee!



If you love sleeping with some music on, you are on the right store! Enosis has a sound pillow! How does it work? You connect your phone into it and you can hear the music inside the pillow. It’s really soothing! And no, everything inside doesn’t break when you lay down on it. We didn’t ask how much it cost, though. It must be really expensive!


  • Digital Music Creative Inc

They offer phone cases that really look posh, nail art applique and phone stands. I personally think phone stands are more convenient than popsockets.



We got to try the traditional Korean painting! We colored a lotus in this cloth-like canvas. It was hard for me as I was holding my phone to film while doing the art. We also wrote our names in Hangul characters!



WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE TASTE?! We were so ecstatic when we saw that we can taste a bulgogi for free!!! The staffs were very nice and the bulgogi was so goood. We bought a tub to take home with us. You can contact Master Meaty Expert in phone numbers 723-2268 or +63 9176741133


Another free taste! This time it’s herb. We got to taste Lotus Root extract and it tastes like chips. I don’t know how a liquid can taste like chips but it really does. We were told that it is also good for hypertension.


  • Hanmirae Food Co., Ltd.

LOW PRICE SEAWEED IS THE BEST SEAWEED! Funny story: as I was paying for the seaweed that I purchased, I sang “mani mani mani” (because it sounds like money lol), one of the staffs said: “Oh, I know the song!” Apparently, she also knows BTS because they are “very popular here.. I feel like a proud mom.


Aaaa I love coffee. I love how the Floral blend is strong, but it doesn’t taste bitter and it’s not that sweet, either. They also offer Barista courses. You can just check their website for schedules.



  • Chung Woo Food Co Ltd.

I can eat spicy food, but I can’t take too much. We saw these different kinds of sauce that look really spicy I didn’t bother to try it. One even says “DANGER”. I WAS THREATENED.


We had kimbap (PHP150.00), odeng (PHP120.00) and tteokboki (PHP150.00) for lunch. I am not a fan of tteokbokki, not because it’s spicy but because the rice cake is too hard to chew for me. Kimbap is normal for my taste as I eat sushi too. My favorite is definitely odeng!

We also got to try bingsu from Cup D’etat. I found my oppa there. 😂😂 SOBRANG CUTE NIYA OMO. 😭😍 I hope he doesn’t stumble into this blog or I’m doomed. HAHAHAHAHA!


It was around 2PM when people actually start coming, it was getting crowded. I’m not quite sure if it’s because of the meet&greet with Harang from Offroad. We didn’t know who he is but he sure looks so fine. AAAAAH! I hope I got a better picture!


Also, Japeth Aguilar was there! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES, RIGHT?! HE IS A FREAKING GIANT. OH. MY. GOD. Saan aabot ang height mo? 🤣🤣


AAAA THAT WAS REALLY FUUUN! I can’t thank Evi and Sam enough for the company! We all live far from BGC, but it was worth it! Here are some photos of us being cute and silly:

Here’s us live and in action. LOL

Sam has a blog as well! You can follow her here. You may also want to check her vlog on Youtube.




LOVE YOU, READERS! Just remember that it’s okay to embrace other culture as long as you don’t forget your own. Let’s grow together as individuals and as a whole. Here’s to being a better person. xx



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