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I don’t think many people pay attention to this kind of thing, but I do. As a book lover, the cover always plays a big role for me. I heard so many good reviews about this movie; and then I found out that it took place in Sapporo, Japan. I was completely into it!

The first thing I noticed was how they changed the first “I” in “Kita” into a banana. After watching, you will know why. I love that there’s already that concept!

Having Japan as the setting, I love how they used Katakana. Genius. They really paid attention to every little detail. 

キ = Ki ; タ = Ta


Aaah, the senbazuru.  The thousand paper cranes that will make your wish come true! I have a soft spot for Japanese culture and just everything Japan. I don’t know. Growing up watching all animés you could think of is to be blamed.


This is probably one of the funniest scenes in the movie! Though, I wonder why this was chosen among the many that showcased great cinematography (hello, it’s Japan! You can’t expect less). Either way, it’s interesting and I love the color blending.

Kita Kita movie poster

The Story

Basically, Lea (Alessandra) lives in Sapporo as a Tour Guide. She got temporary blindness because of too much stress. That’s where Tonyo (Empoy) enters the picture. It seems typical at first, but I love the perspective distribution of both characters.

If you have seen Always, it is somehow like that. This certain thing that leads to another and to another. Though, in Always, we just saw a single scenario that was the major plot twist. The whole Kita Kita is the major plot twist itself. This just shows that there are always two sides to the story (or more) and how a single act can change someone’s entire life.

It’s funny but it has its fair share of depth. Sometimes, things are not just what it is. Sometimes, it’s more.

The Characters

If you are a Filipino, you probably know how Empoy can be so amusing! Just looking at him makes me want to crack up so bad – it is his charm and humor.

I doubted how Alessandra and Empoy would click, but they actually did! They are the most natural actors. Everything just seems so genuine. It’s not hard to relate to Lea and Tonyo, to be honest. It was so heartfelt. You will love them both!

What I Think In General

It has its flaws (some ideas are completely vague). Nevertheless, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.

You may think why in Japan? I have no idea. Hahahaha! But here’s my guess: Lea was an orphan. That must be why she left the Philippines and why not Japan? She mentioned that her parents already passed away and she was left with distant relatives.

It’s kinda cliché but not in its entirety. That typical funny guy with its flowery words and stuff. The girl falling for the humor. There are times that I have anticipated what was going to happen and I’d be like “That’s it? I expected more,” when I thought we were already at the end. Little did I know! The ending is just completely different than the other movies I’ve seen.

Mediheal tea tree solution

The soundtrack. Two Less Lonely People In The World. Lea and Tonyo found happiness again in each other. But, I think it’s kind of unfair for Lea’s character because she suffered so much pain than all the cast combined. I still keep thinking about how is she right now and what happens next for her. I love that kind of story that will really make me sympathize with the characters.

My concern for Lea was indescribable. I hope she gets through it. Will she leave Japan after everything bad that has happened to her? Will she find herself back again? She deserves better.

The ending. We found ourselves just staring at the screen as the credits rolled in.

It was funny as much as it was heartbreaking—in the worst possible way.

Let me know your thoughts about it! 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Movie Review | Kita Kita (2017)

  1. There are two kinds of Filipino movies: the rom-coms with a theme song from the 80s, and the gritty ones that feature so much poverty. I like the idea that this may not fall on either type. It seems like a fun movie but it’s not due for international screening anytime soon. 😢

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