Hello and welcome, August!

You have always been my least favorite month (next to May, that is) but I find you pretty much symbolic.


You always remind me of the primary sun rays in the Philippine flag and that makes me feel hopeful somehow. Sunshine. Warmth. Green pastures. Spring. Better days.


You always remind me of the eight-pointed star. Though, there are many origins and beliefs that envelop the idea, the connection it has with astrology is what I live for.

The roots of the eight-pointed star symbolize the four corners of space. The eight lines are symbolic of north, south, east, and west; and time as well with the two solstices and two equinoxes.

It makes me believe that whichever direction you go for, there will be a star to guide you. You will never walk alone in the dark. Also, I have always loved the science of solstice and equinox. As someone who lives in a tropical country, I wish to experience all kinds of season too. I want to feel how snow melts in my tongue. Maybe someday soon.


You always remind me of the lemniscate. Yes, you used to be that word to me before you became the “infinity”. No matter how much I love the sound of the word though, it scares me. It reminds me of karma. It’s a never ending cycle of what comes around, goes around. Abyss. Oblivion.  Aren’t you afraid of the unknown?

But you also remind me of endless possibilities and opportunities (that I hope I have the courage to take).

I realized I can’t go on thinking you’re gonna be a bad month just because of the past years that you have been. It’s about time I change my perspective towards you. Truce.

It’s 2:30am here and I just thought of writing a quick post for you all. What reminds you of number 8? Isn’t it an interesting number? I can’t believe it’s August already! I hope we’re already halfway through our 2017 goals. May we all succeed in sticking with our words. 😛 (I’M MEETING ALL TIME LOW THIS MONTH AND THAT’D BE ANOTHER THING TO TICK OFF MY LIST)

AND I REACHED 12,000 HITS THIS JULY! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I know for some these are just numbers but behind it are people visiting and reading your posts so that really means a lot to me. 💙

It’s been raining the past couple of weeks, please stay safe and warm. Just a perfect season for coffee, right? Books. Cuddles. Aaaa what a perfect thing to think about before hitting the sack.

Have a good day/night wherever you are in the world. xx




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