7 months have gone away! I hope you’re all in a happy state. Ber months are coming and I’m thrilled! Are you??

July has been pretty crazy. I think I went out more than I usually do. And I vlogged!! I’ve always wanted to do that but I have always been camera shy. Now, I’m learning how to fight my insecurities. It won’t lead me anywhere, will it?

Now, for my favorites..


I have read four books and I couldn’t be anymore happier. Lol Kidding. I cheated. 3/4 poetry books. Fast reads. I must say though that Chasers of the Light made it to my list.


You can read my review of it here.


IT’S NOT JUST INDIE. IT’S FILIPINO INDIE FOLK—THE RANSOM COLLECTIVE. When I first heard them, I didn’t know they are from here (kinda)! I’m just so happy with their debut album, Traces.


“[The album] is about our lives, heartbreak, the things that we celebrate, the things that we go through, happiness. Anything that we go through in our lives, that’s what Traces is all about, and all the memories,”

iTunes link

Open Road is probably my favorite song from the album. I swear they are soooo good but underrated ☹️ Support!



I got this new app where I learn Korean! ㅋㅋㅋ Junice recommended this but I still use Eggbun sometimes. It’s called Memrise.

Basically, it will teach you the alphabets and how you say it like repeatedly until you really memorize it.

As you go along, it will progress to words. Amado is maybe in Korean.

Also, I’m in Kakao! WHY  NOT?? But, my contacts there are just mostly my friends who are Bangtaned. Lol I love how cute it is! This is Ryan theme.


I also love its ringtones. My favorite is the Japanese one but I can’t really understand what it’s saying. Lol So if you know, please comment it down below. I tried searching for it without luck.


And aren’t these fonts kyeoptaaaaa???? Send me your QR code! 🙂


I swear I installed a lot of K-Apps. HAHAHAHAHA! I also have Snow because of its cute filters! What made me more ecstatic about it is that it has BTS. OMO.

I tried the calling Jimin and omg I am so bias wrecked! (Please just ignore me this is just my typical fangirl self)

I DIED. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Please excuse my unfilled brows. Lol I just woke up there.

I love how it also makes my eyes look bigger than the normal. Please also excuse my breakout. HAHAHAHA! Someone should really stop me from using this. It’s so addicting!


My friend who just got back from Korea gave me sheet masks. This one is my favorite. I love the soft impression it left on my face after using it. I’m not going for K-skincare, though. I just tried this once. I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to use other products than the ones for my cystic treatment. 😅


I have always had a long hair until 2017 came, yes on the 1st day of the year, I cut it short. Then I cut it even shorter a couple of month after. 🤣 (I’ve always wanted to do that and this year, I keep doing things that even I, am suprised of myself. I’m proud.) I’m using this as a conditioner to at least help my bad hair. You can find this in a local drugstore for PHP7.00 only.



When we went to Korean Product Festival 2017 in SM Aura, I really did enjoy eating Odeng. It’s a Korean street food; fishcake soup. I saw Kim Bok Joo from Weightlifting Fairy eating this. IT IS SO GOOD. I don’t know where and when I can eat this again. Please send help. 😢

As someone who loves coffee way too muuuuch, I also try Korean coffee whenever I go to KMarts near my workplace. It’s cold coffee but it’s really good and the packaging looks like tetra juice. Hahaha! Nonetheless, I’d really recommend this. It’s for PHP44.00 in Soonamoo Mart. I like this store best compare to other marts I go to because the staffs are really nice and it’s bigger than Ha-neul.

Caramel Macchiato is my favorite but it also has Iced Americano and Hazelnut.



I started the month watching Kae No Katachi and so I started the month with tears as well. I love how Japanese animes/movies always touch my heartstring.


I came to cinema once this July to see what the hype over Kita Kita was all about. It was set in Sapporo, Japan and I think my Asian blood is getting stronger than it ever did in the past. Hihi You can read my review of it here.

That’s about it for my July favorites! What have you been loving these days? I may want to try it too. 🙂

Here’s to better months ahead. xx



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