2017년 09월 03일

방탄 스타일 goes to another adventure! Our inner Koreans are well fed and happy. Let me take you with us 🙂

안녕, Seoul Train!

seoul traintrainservice entrancecome in

We suck at directions so as always, we just Grab our way here. It’s not really hard to find with that façade, though! It’s just beside Cities Place Event in Diliman, Quezon City.

Even before you board, you can already hear the train sound. There’s also a railroad! DAEBAK!! 💯 The “COME IN WE’RE AWESOME” is pretty badass, too! I can’t believe I have already a list of the things I love about it even before I see the entire place. The exterior is just like an appetizer, wait for the whole feast inside!

We were greeted by these huge official posters from different concerts held here in the Philippines through Pulp Live World. If you are so into the music scene, you’ve probably heard about it. Sir Vernon, the President of PULP and his loving wife, Ms. Happee, were the mastermind of this concept. It’s the product of their love for traveling and probably KPOP as well. 🤣

Since we went there at lunch time, it was jammed. We had to wait for vacant seats for a bit. In the Waiting Area, you can read Pulp magazines or Grab A Toy.

pulp magazinewaiting areaIMG_0068.JPG

Of course, we had to look around and our keen eyes wouldn’t miss these cute Bangtan chibis!

There were also other chibis from other KPOP groups. You may also want to see it for yourself.

Selfies should not be forgotten while waiting. ㅋㅋㅋ


from Evi’s camera roll

The interior is so on point! The signs and menu are accompanied with Hangul which will really give you that Korea vibe. What more when you get the taste of their menu???



Table etiquette. This tiny white thing (Idk what it is called 😂) is actually a tissue! When you dip it in the water, it will swell and become this crumpled wet wipes. Gotta wash those hands!

I must admit that it’s a little bit pricey here. It’s not definitely budget friendly for fangirls who are always broke af because of album and merch. We were offered the VIP room that costs PHP5,000.00 and hell no. HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe when we come back, we’ll be ready. For now, we decided to share the bill.

We got:

Woo Samgyeop 우 삼겹 (120g) – PHP400.00 (You must not miss samgyeopsal. EVER.)

Bul Dak Galbi 불닭 갈비 (200g) – PHP370.00

Tteokbokki 떡볶이 with cheese – PHP370.00

from Evi’s camera roll pt 2

galbiside dishes

Obviously, I wasn’t able to take some good photos of our food because I was using my phone for vlogging. I must get a camera soon. (If I really want to do this blog/vlog stuff. Hehe Please support.)

from Evi’s camera roll pt 3

We were asked by the waiter if we wouldn’t get rice or drinks. He said that what we ordered might not be enough for us. We didn’t add anything. The thing is whenever we meet up, we always have Starbucks before we actually throw ourselves into the exhausting pit of shenanigans. Meaning, we’re still full. LOL It turned out that everything we had just sufficed the demand of our stomach. We didn’t even finish the side dishes. And water is always better than sodas anyway.

All in all, it was worth the price. The venue is great. The ambiance is great. (They kept playing BigBang in two TV screens.) The food is great. I’d say that I hope it is more spacious but I realized that it is how trains are supposed to be. Hahaha! So yep, I LOVE IT THERE. I’d definitely come back to blog the whole place properly. We actually had other agenda and we just dropped by there to eat and enjoy ourselves.

At 2PM, we were supposed to do a Twitter live for the announcement of winner for our giveaway. Our plan was to stay at Seoul Train and do it there but since a lot of people were waiting for their turn, we left right after we were done with our meal.

The only place we could stay in at Cities is Subway. It’s not really the right area to do the Live. We braved the scorching heat trying to find a coffee shop 😩 Thankfully though, there’s Coffee Project! Can I just say how it feels like nature itself? There are plant and flower decors. The smell is nice. It was crowded but not in claustrophobic way. There were also great music playing on the background.

Quick OOTD because why not. HAHAHAHA! I love this pair of boots so much 😭😍

While doing our Twitter Live, another cup of coffee based beverage is a must. Though Junice didn’t get any, claiming she was still really full from our lunch. Evi and I had Cookie Crumble. Sam chose Cappuccino. She needed a stronger kick with her one hour sleep! WE LOVE YOU, SAM! THANK YOU FOR COMING EVEN YOU DIDN’T GET YOUR WELL-DESERVED SLEEP.

Coffee Project is really the place to be if you want to just chill. There are pretty good aesthetic quotes up on its walls. You can read everything while you’re having your favorite blend just to kill time.


We spent the whole afternoon there until it’s time for the photo exhibit.

When I saw Wings Chronicles on Twitter, I immediately asked 방탄 스타일 if we could go. This photo exhibit is a “presentation of photography and arts rendering the entire promotion of Wings and You Never Walk Alone of BTS”. Admission fee is PHP600.00

At first I was like, “isn’t that too much for an exhibit?” But it says there that the proceeds would go to charity and would be donated under BTS name. WE’RE SO G! We do charity events yearly in an orphanage in Quezon City and it’s nice to be a part of other good deeds. That is mainly the reason I love this family. Everyone is doing their best to promote BTS name and music not just through SNS but doing actual events to extend a hand to others. There and then, we submitted our forms for online reservation.

The day has come. We were so ecstatic because it was our first event that’s related to Bangtan. We met some ARMYs which was fun. We accompanied Pam because she was alone and she’s like 13. OUR BABY.



Anyway, I don’t know how to write this without sounding mean. LOL I didn’t like the event or how it was organized. Do not get me wrong, I have high respect for people who take time for this. Believe me, I know. I am also part of a street team. I know how hard it is to please the fans. I really think it could have done better, though.

This is not my photo. I just saw it on Twitter. I was like WOW IT’S NICE.


I forgot what slot this was but during ours, it was 4PM-5PM. IT WAS SO CROWDED.

One of the organizers (I think) even shouted at me for stepping on the black stands. BOY, YOU COULD NOT EVEN TAKE A STEP WITHOUT BUMPING INTO SOMEONE. I was so pissed. I shouted back like “I DIDN’T MEAN IT!” They were all like announcing on the mic not to this and that blahblahblah. That just killed the fun. Here’s the thing, it may be the fans fault in the first place. You know, we tend to freak out just hearing our fave’s songs. Regardless of where we are, whatever our fandom is. They should have known better. They should have known that the fans would be too excited to take pictures. IT WAS THE SECOND DAY OF THE EVENT IN MANILA. THEY ALSO HAD ONE IN CEBU.

Now, going back to the photos and frames. I think it would be better if they set up everything on the side so there’s this huge space at the middle. That’s how photo exhibit should look like. Unless the place is really expansive and it was not. Also, some of the frames were not on its proper place anymore. I don’t know, maybe that’s the fans fault. The photos are pretty good, though. The best shots possibly. It’s kinda annoying not to have a proper picture with those. You can’t take a photo without someone on the other side taking theirs as well. I think they tried to squeeze in everyone at the last timeslot so it was THAT CROWDED. They should have controlled the amount of attendees better. It would be nice if there were lesser people. Don’t attack me by saying “THE FANS JUST WANT TO EXPERIENCE IT!”. Who doesn’t? They did a reservation. It should have handled smoothly. I feel bad for them though because I heard they lost an album on display. THAT FREAKING COST MUCH, YALL. They also lost a frame, I think. And speaking of frames, they sell it for PHP1,500.00? I’m not sure. I think that’s just too much for a photo frame. If I want one up on my room, I’d probably just print out and buy myself a pretty great frame for display. But again, the proceeds are for charity so, okay. Given.

We weren’t able to take photos on the photobooth as well because of the long line. The next thing we know, an hour is up and we had to go. You have to pay another PHP20.00 for it, by the way. Again, proceeds. I’m just thinking about the charity. That what makes it worthwhile. And there were freebies!  They are, at least, cute and the pictures are in high quality.


Lowkey showing you the “gallery” we organized back in 2015. I told you we know how toxic it is to work on fan events.

It’s roomy, right? Excuse the lighting, though. We were also having a screening that time but before and after that, the place was really bright and white.

Wings Chro could be better if it’s either held in a wider place or it accommodated just the right number for the location. Cities isn’t exactly huge.

I don’t know if we’d still want to attend other exhibits like this. Maybe.

Here’s the only decent picture of us:


Some pictures that I think look okay:

Us, live and in action:


방탄 스타일,

영원히 사랑할께.

This day wouldn’t be fun without you. 🌻💙


That’s my unpopular opinion right there. Hahaha! Here’s to more events for a cause. Keep being an instrument of kindness. xx



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