I don’t usually blog like twice a day because it ruins my scheduled posts. LOL That’s just me being maarte. But today is different. I WOKE UP TO 1,000 LIKES!!!!


You all! THIS IS HUGE! I can’t thank you guys enough for taking the time to read my posts. Let alone clicking that likes-reblogs.png button. And because you helped me reach another milestone, I’m giving away this EP. (I’m also guessing that most of my readers are from the same fandoms where I’m in. So hello, fangirls! 😂)


It’s World Suicide Prevention Day and 5 Seconds of Summer led me to TWLOHA so why not give away this? They released this 5 years ago and it isn’t available here in the Philippines.

You just have to Follow vienna noreen, if you’re a WordPress User.

For Non-WordPress Users, you can Subscribe via Email.


This is how it should look like in desktop. It’s in the sidebar.
This is how it should look like in mobile. It’s at the far end of this post/Home page.

You should receive an email after. *for PH 🇵🇭 residents ONLY.

Tweet me the proof with the hashtag #viSNEPgiveaway. I’ll use tweetdraw to choose the winner. 🙂 I’ll announce it next month, October 10 at 7PM.

I might do a monthly giveaway or whenever we hit a milestone like this again. I’m not sure yet. I was in the bookstore earlier and I might just let you vote first which book should I give away. Or whatever stuff I could think of. 😂 I don’t know but ~





XIÈ XIE.  谢谢







 Click here to see the winner of this giveaway.



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