This is a spur of the moment kind of writing and was supposed to be posted last night but my laptop died before I even got to hit Publish. LOL

2017년 9월 12일

I just feel like writing something different tonight. Maybe a little more personal? I’m going to tell you the narrative of how my day went. I hope it will impart new perspective on you as it did on me.

I was pretty hyped yesterday that despite the cold weather, I chose to edit a video instead of hibernating my way through the night. I finished the vlog at 3am and sleep was still nowhere to be felt. I tried hard because who can survive an 8h shift without any sleep, right? As I shut my lids, I felt someone shaking me back to consciousness. It was my brother. He heard me shouting in terror. I wasn’t even asleep for an hour and I was already having nightmare. AGAIN. You see, my nightmares make my insomnia worse. It ruined my sleep as if my body clock isn’t enough mess. But I wouldn’t let it disrupt my mood. I got up and prepared to start my day.

In an ordinary day, I’d usually feel grumpy. Today is different.


It was raining so hard my mother was insisting I skip work. My brother, who left an hour ago, told me to not go to work because some PUVs couldn’t make it through the flood anymore. I don’t know what’s gotten into me but I was determined to go. I let the rain subside a bit before I braved the storm with nothing but my umbrella and over-sized Heritage hoodie against it. That’s basically what I love about sweater weather days, jackets give comfort like home does should.

PUVs didn’t dare to travel in the inclement weather. Passengers waited 2 hours or so until the rain and flood ceased a little. I was glad that Sam uploaded her own vlog of our Seoul Train and Wings Chronicles adventure that I didn’t get bored in the queue. God bless the digital era for that matter. I was distracted by lots of ambulances and fire trucks roaming around our town I felt like we were in Love 911 with the rescue teams and all.

In an ordinary day, I’d usually feel irritated in this situation. Today is different. I was pretty chill amidst the fiasco.

By the time it was finally okay to go, there were still wetlands on the arterial we passed through. On the positive note, there were no traffic there. It was so flooded earlier that other vehicles had no choice but to take the highway. I made it to the office in 40 minutes tops.


I really love it when it rains. The gloomy weather gives me more energy than the sun. Is it weird? When it rains, it’s cozy to read books or binge watch KDramas and movies. It’s also the perfect time for noodles and a good cup of coffee. So I dropped by to a KMart for those. I love walking in the rain with my hoodie on and my hands in the handwarmer pockets. I love the chills. I love how damp my face gets not because of the usual sweat but because of the breeze of raindrops. AAAA. When I entered Soonamoo Mart, I was greeted good morning by a staff. I don’t really get that from them. One of the firsts. I bought my favorites: Shin Ramyun, Choco Heim and Seoul Milk (the coffee I love isn’t available).


Work was less toxic. We were all in a rush but not in a hassle way. We were just really so into finishing everything before noon just in case the good heavens allow us to go home early. To no avail. THE EVILS. THAT IS OUR MANAGEMENT. LOL We weren’t dismissed until 4PM. But hey, that’s still 2 hours earlier than usual.

I felt my energy getting drained when my brother finally answered my text. I didn’t know if he made it to work since the last time we talked, he was still stranded.

[Trans. For my non-Filo readers (I don’t know if I have any. If you’re not a Filipino but you’re reading this, please let me know so I can send you my gratitude)]

“Where you at? Yep, still none.”

“On my way home. Okay. Take care.”

“Okay. I’ll be out by 4:00. Take care.”

“Sad. Let me play Dota. I’ll treat you.”

(He doesn’t want me to connect to the internet at home when he’s playing Dota or Ragnarok so 😂)

“Nope. I’m gonna blog.”

“Omg. Wtf. Okay. It’s hard to get a ride home anyway.”

*me cursing him*

LOOK AT THAT BRAT! AND THE BRIBERY! HAHAHAHA! We don’t text so I could say that today is indeed different.


I made it home this early and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. If I was lucky, I typically arrive before 8PM. When worst comes to worst, it’s 9PM. That’s all because of the traffic alone.

My brother’s bribe was still up. He got me my favorite milktea. LOL Yep, the cold weather couldn’t stop me from having a cold blend. Though, I think I already caught a flu. So after dinner, I let him feed his gamer self while I rewarded myself of some sleep.

In an ordinary day, I’d definitely pick a fight with him and will enrage him more by downloading shits from the internet so he can’t play. HAHAHAHA But today is different.

11:00PM (Yes, I’m writing this now)

I just woke up because my alarm went off. BigHit Entertainment drops something at 12AM KST so I always have it on. HAHAHA! THEY DROPPED THE TRACKLIST OF BTS UPCOMING MINI ALBUM IN NAMJOON’S BIRTHDAY. I AM NOT OKAY. I’M FANGIRLING WHILE SNEEZING AND COUGHING AND CATCHING MY BREATH ALL AT THE SAME TIME. HOW GROSS. I still feel a little sick but it’s better than this morning. The meds worked and the sleep helped. There were no nightmares.

In an ordinary day, I’d probably paired my shorts with a tank top but today is different. I have my sweater and my socks on.


It’s a normal day but still kinda different. The past few days I kept saying that. Today is different. Today is different. Today is different. Not just for the sake of it or not because of “fake it until you make it”. Everyday is literally different from one another. The days were named to distinct them from each other. Sometimes, it may feel monotonous but it really is not. It’s just how we look at it. Perspective.

It’s how you make the day. Do not let the day tell you it’s bad or it’s gonna be the same again. You change it. The world won’t change the way it orbits around the sun for you. The time won’t stop to let you catch your breath. You do the change you want to see. You make the difference.

I’m so tired of people complaining about their lives. Today, I saw these rescue teams finding their way to SAVE LIVES. You can save your life, too. If only you will turn those excuses into reasons. Do you see how they differ? Excuses make you not do things. Reasons make you do things.

You want something? Work for it. Today is a different day. Everyday is always a good time to start anew.

I’m sorry I had to let you in my day just to say those things. LOL I’m so extra I had to write it this long. I hope you see the point, though. It was meant to be written this way.






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