It’s just been five days since BTS (방탄소년단) released its 5TH Mini Album: HER 承. It’s just been five days, but it’s already topping charts left and right. The fanbase, which is called ARMY, keeps proving the public why BTS is indeed the Top Social Artist of 2017.

Two weeks before the actual comeback, BigHit Entertainment teased us with the trailer of Serendipity. Here it is, the Intro to a new era. The past comeback trailers were opened by the rap line RM, SUGA, and J-Hope, but this time it was Jimin from the vocals. The video has already gained 28M views.


I love how this song is so intensely bright in a way that it doesn’t hurt the eye. It’s very soothing, rather. Jimin’s powerful voice is as smooth as his visuals. He looks so soft and sweet. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this little prince???

bts love yourself her
“I believe in your galaxy, Army.” —KIM NAMJOON

It is not hard to guess that RM, BTS leader, composed the song. He has always been good in producing for Bangtan. He posted on fancafe:

Jess on Twitter

On his recent interview with Billboard, he told the story of how he came up with the lyrics: “I tried to come up with some rare things you find in life, something very special, like the calico, three-striped cat; things that have extraordinary meanings in people’s lives. I wanted to share this moment.”

넌 내 푸른 곰팡이
날 구원해 준
나의 천사 나의 세상

난 네 삼색 고양이
널 만나러 온
Love me now touch me now

You are my penicillin
You saved me
My angel, my world

I’m your tricolor cat
Here to meet you
Love me now touch me now

“The lyrics were based on rare and special things in life. So, I thought, those feelings transcend genders, cultures and barriers between people.

We always put out the “Intro” just before releasing our single, so the intro is taking the role of telling the concept of this album. But “Serendipity” was actually the right song to share the feelings of our single, DNA.”

bts love yourself her


DNA is the expression of young, passionate love. In my opinion, they portrayed those feelings really well not just in the lyrics but also in the music video itself. It’s colorful and vibrant just like how young and passionate love should be. It screams excitement!

우주가 생긴 그 날부터 계속
무한의 세기를 넘어서 계속
우린 전생에도 아마 다음 생에도
영원히 함께니까 DNA

From the day the universe was formed
Past infinite worlds
Probably in our past life and in our next lives
We’ll be together forever, DNA

This concept tells us that nothing is a coincidence and that we are all connected. Yeah, tell me about it.

This electropop song is accompanied by whistling, which add another dimension to the whole sound.

Also, this is probably their hardest choreography by far. It gets harder and harder as they progress! There’s just a lot of footwork going on here. And can you believe they really formed a helix at 3:05?? I love intellectuals who stick to their theme and bring it to life.

This MV that was uploaded on September 18th, already accumulated 40M views! BTS is now the fastest KPOP group to reach 10M in just 10 hours after its release. DNA now sits at 11TH spot of the most viewed online music video in 24H. It also reigned at #1 on iTunes in 73 countries! Correct me if I’m wrong, please. Since the comeback, I can no longer keep up with the numbers ARMYs are making. The goal now is to hit Billboard Top 100. 화이팅, 아미!!! [Edit: We did it!!]


A lot of fans weren’t happy about BTS collaborating with The Chainsmokers. I personally don’t like the EDM duo in terms of personality but I must admit that I like other songs they did with other artists. Best of Me didn’t disappoint. I love its beat. I’ll put my hands up and just join the rave. It’s hard not to fall to its groove.

비가 내리던 나
눈이 내리던 나
모든 불행을 멈추고
천국을 데려와
쉽게 말하지 마
너 없는 난 없어
넌 내 the best of me
The best of me

It was raining
It was snowing
But all unhappiness stopped
You brought heaven to me
Don’t speak so easily
Because without you, there’s no me
You’re the best of me
The best of me

TRACK 04 ~ 보조개

Bojogae (보조개) or dimple in English translation. This is sang by the vocal line JIN, Jimin, Jungkook, and V. I would love this song if it’s not for the title. IT’S A PERSONAL ISSUE, FORGIVE ME. LOL Though, they go with “Illegal” as an English title of it.

hyyh era

그 보조갠
안돼 위험해
So I call you illegirl
존재 자체가 범죄

That dimple is illegal
No, it’s dangerous, oh yes
So I call you illegirl
Your existence alone is a crime

I’m laughing at the lyrics. ILLEGIRL. I want to bet and say that since Seokjin is very bad at making jokes, he probably wrote that part. ILLEGIRL. 😂

This song is pretty chill, but I don’t find the lyrics special compared to others (or maybe I just really have a personal issue. LOL). Except that it reminds me so much of RM’s dimple. Heh.

bts love yourself her
THIS is illegal. NO, JOON. STOP.


bts love yourself her

If you know the story of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, you should realize by now that BTS is always up for serious matter. Though, this has been the center of ridicule in the fandom. Like “OH MY GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE DISSING US???” Really, BTS. (Note: Only BTS x ARMY can diss each other).

They are known for addressing social issues and this is their way to playfully call the fans out. This is really funny! You’re lying if you say you’re not guilty. JUST, LOOK:

그만 보고 시험공부해
모님과 부장님 날 미워해
영상 각종 사진 트위터
앱 본보야지
좋은 걸 어떡해
해 뮤비는 나중에 해석하고
피 내 사진 니 방에도 많잖어

Now stop watching and study for your test
Your parents and director hate me
Video clips, pictures, tweets
V app, Bon Voyage
I know, you can’t help what you like
But stop, interpret the music video later
You have so many pictures of me in your room anyway

Emphasis on interpret the music video later. These boys are known for their mind blowing concepts.  If you will watch all their music videos, everything is connected. Yes, do not dare to dig the hole. There are so much theories going around the web about where they get their ideas. It’s figuring out the whole story line since their debut in 2013. All is planned and well thought out already.

피리소릴 따라와 이 노래를 따라와
위험해도 나 참 달잖아
하러 온 거야 널 망치러 온 거야
날 부른 거야 봐 달잖아
소릴 따라와

Follow the sound of the pipe, follow this song
It’s a bit dangerous but I’m so sweet
I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you
You called me, see? I’m so sweet
Follow the sound of the pipe

Do you realize how paradoxical these lyrics are? I hate how brutally honest this is. LOL The real face of fan culture, y’all. I like how they are saying that we must learn how to manage our time properly and don’t forget what really matters in life, especially the ones that may affect our future—our studies and work. They want us to still support them but they don’t want them to be the cause of our downfall. They want us to go far with them. Don’t they keep pushing us to go after our dreams? True people you should look up to.


Last May, BTS made history by winning the Billboard Top Social Artist Award. They are the first KPOP act to do so. Proud is an understatement.

RM always says “ARMY” first in every winning speech. That’s how grateful they are of the fans. Also, did you see Miley Cyrus nodding and clapping her hands while he was speaking? Yes, BTS did THAT. I’m still getting goosebumps whenever I see this and now that they include it in the Her album, I might be emotionally unstable for my whole lifespan. This was how RM segue about their new concept, Love Yourself.

Please, ARMY. Remember what we say.. love myself, love yourself.


TRACK 07 ~ MIC Drop

I’m telling you, THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. And if you think this has something to do with Barack Obama’s stance of ‘mic drop’, then you are right. HAHAHA!


From Soompi: During a press conference on September 18, BTS’s Rap Monster mentioned the famous White House Correspondents Dinner speech in which Barack Obama dropped his microphone at the end. Rap Monster said, “It’s one of the performances that says, ‘My speech was good, wasn’t it?’”

Rap Monster explained that the track inspired by Barack Obama’s performance was “MIC Drop.” “It’s a song that includes a lot of our swag and ambitions,” he explained.

Did you see my bag
d you see my bag
피들로 백이 가득해
w you think bout that
w you think bout that
벌써 학을 떼 Haters

Did you see my bag
Did you see my bag
My bag’s filled with trophies
How you think bout that
How you think bout that
Haters are already giving up

This can pass as BTS’ well-known Cypher series that is filled with heavy rap and aggressive lyrics. Cypher is usually performed by the rap line but on this one, you can hear the vocal line with them. Just last night, they performed this on their comeback show. AAAAAA! I love how they transition and how they incorporate steps in the tiniest of sound that you possibly hear in the track. Those smallest details also matter in the performance. They always outdid themselves. Too much hard work. This is really really really my thing.  JUST LOOK HOW J-HOPE’S FOOTWORK SYNCHRONIZES WELL WITH THE DJ SCREECH.


TRACK 08 ~ 고민보다 Go

Roughly translated as “Rather than Worry, Go”, which is now shortened to Go Go.

The first time I heard the song, I was like: WAIT A SEC! AM I HEARING MARIMBAS???? I swear, what other instrument sounds are they going to use? I love diversity. I can’t keep up with their production. There’s also a fancy flute casually playing on the background. YEP. WHAT. OTHER. INSTRUMENT. But don’t be deceived. “It’s not a BTS album if there isn’t a track criticizing society.”

The song is about YOLO (You Only Live Once, duh). The youth seems to say this a lot that it is starting to lose its meaning. The song is about that and how we spend so much on luxuries because why not? I mean, YOLO?

RM stated in his recent Billboard interview: In Korea, “YOLO” has become a big key word for young people because we don’t have money and it’s really hard to get a chance to earn a lot of money. I think society has a lot of problems for young people. Young people spend their money on claw crane machines at arcades and they spend like $30 on trying to win these dolls. And then it’s like, “Oh! I spent all my money…shit. But I don’t regret.” That’s the biggest luxury for Korea’s young people: collecting accessories, cosmetics, that’s what they think is a luxury.

They also performed this last night at their CB show. The whole choreography is a meme. LOL It now replaced my favorite Converse High, which I really think is too cute. BTS keeps changing my mind about them. I LOVE IT. That means they are growing and I am on the journey with them.

내버려둬 과소비 해버려도
아침 내가 미친놈처럼

Leave me be, even if I overspend
Even if I break apart my savings tomorrow


It started with a soft calming sound of a piano, well done by the great Min Yoongi. I felt like finally, there’s gonna be a classical type of song in the album. I love their solos in Wings. It made me appreciate their vocal ranges more. But BTS loves playing games. ISTG. Of course, it has a touch of the R&B-Rap style. OF COURSE.

RM: The hook is saying that love is not all about the happiness, it’s just not just about the joy, it’s not just about delight. If you want to love a person, you should know that there are tears and there can even be hatred inside of it. I think a love really includes all of that. That’s what I was trying to say. It’s complex.

어쩌면 나는 너의 진실이자 거짓일지 몰라
면 당신의 사랑이자 증오
면 나는 너의 원수이자 벗
의 천국이자 지옥 때론 자랑이자 수모

Maybe I’m your truth and your lie
Maybe I’m your love and hate
Maybe I’m your enemy and friend
Your heaven and hell, your pride and embarrassment

There are two more hidden tracks in the album, but you can’t listen to it unless you have the physical copy. KIDDING. A lot of fans already exposed it in all SNS possible.

style korean tea tree

They made it hidden because it’s for the real ARMYs who stick with them when the whole world turned its back on them. It’s really special.

If you are not a fan but you already made it this far, let me tell you why the album is titled as it is.

BTS has this upcoming mini series/drama, Love Yourself Highlight Reel 起承轉結. As I’ve said at the beginning of this post, they love connecting things. Album + Mini Series. Surprise.

Now, the 起承轉結 are Chinese characters that read as qi, cheng, zhuan, jie respectively. It’s how they write stories—in four parts.


I still haven’t come up with why they entitled it HER. But if you’re going to look at the physical album, which by the way has four versions, L.O.V.E,

bts love yourself her

you can form this:

bts love yourself her


You should noticed though that they started with 承 (cheng) instead of the introduction, which is 起 (qi). I was baffled when they announced this. WHY.

bts love yourself her

Thankfully, Suga spared my poor mind from overthinking again:

bts love yourself her

Such a tease. Her is the first album from Love Yourself. Since this concept will go on until 2018, we are expecting three more. THREE MORE. I don’t know if I can still handle that. God bless me.

As the title implies, yes, there is an ongoing giveaway of the album. My Bangtan Style friends and I decided to order an extra set, share the bill and all, to help BTS in climbing charts; increasing sales. But most importantly to help ARMYs have their own copy. There will be four winners and each will be getting a random version.


Thank you, KPOPMART for always giving us a great service. [this is not sponsored lol]


I also have another giveaway going on because you helped me reached 1,000 likes. You can join here.

This is kinda long, isn’t it? I hope you like this post. I will try to post more about music. I tried to be technical and informative here than being emotional because I don’t want other people to invalidate what I think of Bangtan just because I’m a fan and that “of course, you’re going to say good things about them”.

Seriously though, I hope you can give them a chance. I hope you can give KPOP a chance. I hope you can give other type of music a chance. Music is supposed to transcend races. I hope we all live in harmony. xx

Serendipity or not, I’m glad you found this blog. I’m glad I’ve found you too. Let’s be together for a very long time. Thank you for 17,000 views!!!

Thank you for reading!
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I hope you can support me
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I appreciate you lots.

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