“But fates are connected in ways we don’t understand.”

—Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

It was the day I don’t quite remember well. But ~ any other way, had it not happened, I wouldn’t be looking for words now how to justify my thoughts about serendipity and random happenstance. If I say I don’t believe in things happening by chance, does that mean I believe in fate and destiny? If it does, that’d be like admitting the fact that whatever I do in life, I will just end up in this path I don’t even know if I would like. What’s the point of doing this and that if I already have a destiny all planned out before me? What is free will if my plan isn’t His plan? Can’t I change it to however I want it? Maybe I somehow agree that things happen for a reason. We may not know what that is exactly but maybe, just maybe, our own choices move us. Fate only works out if you choose to act upon it. However that goes, I’m glad we chose that day to talk to each other. You are the only one who will fully understand what I’m talking about. This is one perfect timing as you call it. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

It has only been 4 years but I feel like I have known you since forever. We have gone through a lot and we have grown so much. I’m glad to have done, thought and realized things with you. It’s funny how we differ in so many aspects but we still think alike somehow and we understand each other just fine. We have come a long way.


“Always be the better person” has always been our advocacy. We do charity to take action on that. We always make time for people whenever they need us. It was one perfect timing for each and one of them; that we chose to lend a hand at that exact same moment when they need it. I just hope that you keep in mind what I always say about kindness. Always saying yes doesn’t make you a good person. Same as saying no doesn’t make you a bad one. Please stop saying yes when you don’t feel like it. Learn how to say no. You are the nicest person I’ve ever known and I want to protect but scold you for that at the same time. Please take care of yourself whenever I fail to do so.


It was one perfect timing when you had your internship in Manda. It was only one train stop from my workplace and I just want to thank you again for inviting me over to see the citylights from the penthouse of the building you were staying in. Thank you for letting me to sleep for “5 minutes” more before I had to go to work. Thank you for making me breakfast and sending me off to the bus stop. It was a good day.

It was one perfect timing that we both love the same type of music. We’ve gone to concerts together and it wouldn’t be that fun without you in it. Thank you for being alert when we met 5 Seconds of Summer as I lost my presence of mind. Thank you for coming with  me to meet Against The Current. Thank you for going out of the mosh pit with me, compromising the spot where we can see One Republic better and choosing the far side of the stage instead so we could breathe. Most of all, thank you for running with me around MOA Grounds looking for my tab even though your boots were killing you. I almost lost it but you stayed with me all throughout the fiasco. What would I do without you?

It was one perfect timing that we score a ticket to see the Hot Air Balloon Festival this year. Thank you for letting me tick that off my bucket list. Thank you for bringing me to a theater and witness a masterpiece of a Kapampangan playwright. Thank you for letting me see such greatness.

It was definitely not a perfect timing that we didn’t get to meet Lang Leav. Hahaha! But at least we still got to see her even from afar. Thank you for coming with me. Thank you for bringing me to Korea Town after and paying for my samgyeopsal. You know I had a not so good birthday and this day somehow made it better. Thank you for the adventures and misadventures we had on that weekend. All was worth it.

It was one perfect timing that I saw Bangtan on Youtube. Thank you for choosing to give them a try and loving them as well. Had you not, we wouldn’t have gone to a photo exhibit; we wouldn’t have formed a Bangtan Style squad. Thank you for being in the same fandoms as me. I can’t imagine my fangirl life without you in it.

This is just a quick walk down memory lane on your special day. 2017 has been tough for the both of us so I thought it would be nice to go back to the happy moments we had. I think it is one perfect timing that we’re going through this together. I thank you for all the laughs we shared but also for the days and nights you cry with me. I hope we both find our strength back. I hope you find yourself back. If I have to be strong and pull you up, I will do that now. It hurts me to see you losing yourself and the things you love. It pains me more that I can’t do anything about it. I hope I can do something to help you. I may not make it stop but I will always be here for you.

In a better circumstance, you know I’d be there on your birthday. But life is really shitty on us right now. It is our cue to say “Gagu ba u, lifeu??” It is one perfect timing that we laugh at our own bad jokes and we’re both trying really hard. We’re not hopeless, we’re just lost. Let’s find our path again soon. May that be in London or Sydney, Seoul or Tokyo. Let’s do it. Let’s travel together someday. Like what Taehyung had said to Jimin: let’s walk a road of happiness.

It was on a normal day that one perfect timing occurred and I am so so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for giving me the best friendship. What did I do to deserve you?

생일 축하 해요, 시씨. 나는 너에게 행복, 건강, 그리고 너의 인생에서 여러 가지 좋은 일들을 너에게 바란다. 너는 내가 제일 좋아하는 사람. 꽃길만 걷자. 사랑해. 🍂☀️🌻🐳💙


here’s to better days ahead and perfect timings ~


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* Photos from featured image: words | reveries


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