She was on the way home waiting for the lift when he stood beside her. She was surprised when he started singing Dear Maria. Her eyes almost got out of its socket. He knows. She was wearing her All Time Low shirt and he laughed at her expression.  The elevator dinged to signal its arrival and that’s how they got close.

Their love for music brought them together. She fangirls so much over Alex Gaskart and he has a soft spot for Hayley Williams. In a short span of time, they became best friends. Belgian waffle and coffee is their favorite. She loves the jelly and he likes the mocha. 7/11 is their go-to place for snack.

One rainy morning, he jokingly asked her if she wants him to sing her a song. She asked: “What song?” He said: “This Time I Swear I Mean It because it’s your favorite.” It’s not. Him trying to guess her favorite Mayday Parade song was even funnier than the fact that he couldn’t sing. He did anyway and it warmed her heart. “Stay”, she wanted to tell him. “That’s my favorite song.” But she didn’t.

Sometime in October, they both had their hearts broken. Hers was shattered when her boyfriend cheated on him. He was devastated when her girlfriend told him she’s no longer happy and it was no longer working out. They laughed at their own misery, encouraging each other to move on. There were exchange of words; still longing and sounding hopeful that they could still fix and save their own relationships. They both know it was a bad idea but they still waited and worked hard on it. Until they both realized how pathetic they were for doing so. She loves to write and she poured all the pain into her articles. She also wrote a letter to the girl who broke her best friend’s heart. She let him read it and he cried. They both wept and were in the process of helping each other up.

He told her a cute story once. “Do you remember the first time you talked to me?” She is bad at remembering people on first meetings. First impressions don’t really appeal to her. “You told me: I like your shoes.” She burst into laughter because she thought it’s something lame to say to someone for the first time. She probably meant it, though. She loves how he dresses. Zoo York is not exactly her brand but he looks good with its shirt. She asked why does he remember and he just shrugged. She still doesn’t know the answer.

He had to transfer site and she remained on the same building she wanted so much to escape from. They kept in touch through phone and video calls. There was this one night when he called her just to see if she’s gone home safe. She ended up watching him eat his dinner at his office through her computer screen. They kept sending each other pictures of their stupid selfies. They sent each other food: all the meals they were having apart. He would send her a video of him playing the guitar. She would send him photos of her coffee whenever she had one, that means couple of times a day. He always scolded her for having too much. He didn’t even order her Coke when they eat outside. He always got her a glass of water because he knows soft drinks are bad for her. He took good care of her.

She mentioned to him once that she liked to have a dog but her mother wouldn’t allow her. She told him to buy one because it might help him heal, too. “They are therapeutic!”, she exclaimed. Days after, he showed her Yuki. His sister’s shih tzu. He borrowed it just to show the cute little angel to her. It made her happy. He is a guy with a good sense of humor and a good heart. It annoys her sometimes.

It went on like that for months, almost a year. Until they don’t need each other anymore. The calls have gone infrequent. The day could go on without them messaging each other. It happened naturally. They went on with their lives without a grudge. But life loves playing games.

They saw each other again. She bowed her head, walked on and just ignored him. He noticed. He was hurt. She couldn’t understand why would he be. It’s not as if they still talk. Of course, just like as always, she apologized first but her message was left unopened. She has written him lots of poetry but there’s now way she would let him know about it. She’s done baring her soul.


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*photos from featured image: He | & She


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