I woke up feeling excited for a new month. It was 5 in the morning when I felt really cold I had to get up and put a jacket and my socks on. I love the rain. It makes home feel more like home somehow—cuddles and coffee. Just somehow because this home will forever be wrecked; accepting that fact makes it easier for my heart.

It’s also one of the reasons why I keep looking for home outside these mere concrete walls where I grew up to fill the void. I found them in books, in my friends, in writing and through music. Ah, music. The music that transcends language and culture.aloe vera gel

I’ve only stanned Bangtan this year, but I really did fell hard. Imagine how proud I felt when they announced a conference this morning. They teamed up with UNICEF for a global project, #EndViolence and #BTSLoveMyself

Here’s the campaign video:

[Translation] We dream. A world without violence. Shining smiles of children and youth. A fearless tomorrow. Those first steps. Realizing the love inside me. Loving myself. Loving the world. LOVE MYSELF

What a best way to start the month with, right?

Their recent album called Love Yourself already hit home. I’ve read a tweet that goes something like this: “If I asked you to write down all the things you love, how long would it take you to write yourself?”

I KNOW, RIGHT? We are all guilty as charged.

This is a long process, to accept and love yourself. I’m so glad that BTS is using their music to spread awareness and their global popularity to lend a hand, now with the Love Myself campaign. I’m starting to also be proud of myself for being a part of this family. I am more than just a fangirl.

I am also a human, a part of the society that can make a difference for the sake of saving humanity. Yes, repeat that with me. We can all do something, no matter how infinitesimal that is.

The Love Myself fund will go through for the next two years. The fund would be raised through four types of donations:

  1. Donations worth KRW 500 million from BigHit Entertainment and BTS members
  2. Donations of 3% of the income from the sales of physical albums of the Love Yourself series
  3. Donations of 100% of the income from the sales of official goods for the Love Myself campaign
  4. Donations at the donation desks installed by UNICEF

Visit the Love Myself website for more info >>

If you have purchased the Love Yourself album, you may now pat your back for not only supporting Bangtan, but also for being a part of this huge charity. Be proud of yourself. Money is not very easy to earn, you did well saving up.

This actually gives me more drive to work harder towards my dream and be successful enough to donate as well. Though, you don’t really have to be rich to be an instrument of kindness.

Here are BTS messages regarding the project that will surely melt your heart. I am so soft right now.

[Translation] V: When I was a student, I’ve often seen friends receive a lot of harm as victims of school abuse, verbal abuse, and other various abuse. Recently, there has been an increase of students who are harmed much worse than they were before. I really hope we can give at least a little bit of help/support through this campaign. Thank you very much. Thank you.

[Translation] Jin: When I was younger, my father always told me he hoped that I would become someone who can help others. So, I hope I can give a lot of aid through this campaign. I’ll go home and tell my father (about this campaign).

[Translation] Jungkook: I’m very happy to receive this honorable opportunity and I’m very honored to participate while doing this project. I think it’s a good thing. I hope many people will gain interest through our project and participate. Thank you.

[Translation] Jimin: This is the first time we’re properly doing something like this so we don’t know how much of an influence we’ll be or how many people we’ll be able to help. But I’m always hoping that we’ll be of help to many people. Also, I’m very honored to do something like this together with the members.

[Translation] J-Hope: I’m very proud to be able to practice mature societal worth in a way that is different from us personally participating and containing (messages) in our music videos and music. Through this campaign and my name, I want to give hope as soon as possible.

[Translation] SUGA: As big as our influence has become, I thought we should show that much more of a better image and be a better influence. I’m very thankful that we can show many people a good image through this opportunity.

[Translation] RM: Starting with the simple phrase to love myself, I think many people of the younger generation who love us will move forward with us in at least a little more positive direction while confirming our self-respect and self-worth. Thank you.

Thank you Lisa for translating!! 수고했어요!!

end violence
Photo from UNICEF Korea

Through this campaign, BTS is also opening another door (their new logo says so much) to the new image of idols. They are not just these “good-looking singers who wear make up and keeps changing hair colors.” They are so much more than their looks and talents. Their souls are wonderful.

Speaking up about violence is not easy. It’s traumatizing. I hope we get to reach out to everyone who needs help. The violence I had encountered (and can share) was in the form of bullying. I was in grade school. My self-esteem have been destroyed in an early age. I’m still in the process of trying to build it up again. Through this campaign, I hope that we can also help each other to regain what we have lost growing up.

If we have enough love for ourselves and for others, we can #ENDViolence.

Korean word for human (sa-ram) and love (sa-rang) sound similar. Throughout our lives, everyone loves. Not only guys and girls, but you love your parents and you love the world. You love your friends, too. So many different types of love. You can’t live without love. So, I think since long ago, when Hangul was first made, human and love were made similarly on purpose. Don’t you think so? Isn’t it fun? And the word “to live” (sa-ra). Human, love, to live. These three words are undeniably connected.

— Kim Namjoon, Dec 2016

Be a better person. Join the movement now.

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