You are the most beautiful flower in the middle of winter. You are the brightest snowflake.

This is a special day for me. Not only as a fangirl but also as a person. Today is Seokjin’s birthday and if you have known me for quite some time now, you would know how much I am whipped for the guy. I love him so much because he always chooses to live a happy life. My heavy heart needs that ray of light. ☀️ His voice also fills up my empty soul. 🌻 Hear for yourself:

(listen at 2:32)

I’ve been hyping him up on Twitter since last night. SoKor is only an hour ahead of us so I already participated on the #WorldwideHandsomeDay trend as early as 11PM here. It trended worldwide. Well, you can’t expect less. 😝


This is the best thing I could do. 🤣 I made sure the tweet caption is good, though:

생일축하한다!!! 🎉 어두운 세상에 제 빛이 되어줘서 고마워요. 💎 아무리 멀리 떨어져 있더라도, 전 님을 영원히 사랑할거예요. 🌏 사랑해 ~ 💙

[Trans] Thank you for being my light in this dark world. No matter how far I am, I will love you forever. I love you. ~

My personal account though is now on private for private reasons. You can follow me on my stan twt instead. Unless you are not a Bangtan trash, forget about it. You’ll regret turning that button blue.


And of course, I wouldn’t let the day end without celebrating it for real. I’d just like to thank Kyla for going with me. If you remember my post about an ARMY I met inside the elevator, that’s her. 😂


We just went out for lunch. At first, we thought we’d go for Korean or Japanese but our wallets were not prepared for a P600.00 sushi meal and P450.00 Korean BBQ. We ended up eating at Mister Kabab instead. It’s way cheaper but the food is good.


She got Sizzling Beef..something. (I forgot the name!) for PHP170.00. It is tasty and has a nice amount of gravy with it. I went for the Chicken Special (I forgot the name as well. HAHAHAHA!) It’s PHP180.00. It has a natural taste of chicken and it’s not really that flavor-y. I wasn’t able to finish my food because I’m not used to eating a proper meal at lunch. But, it’s really good and worth the price. It took us some time though for the bill out but it’s okay. I have had a great company anyway. ✨

It didn’t stop there. After office, I got a pink drink from Starbucks and the cake has to have a pink in it, too. Seokjin loves pink and he looks so good in pink. He looks good in whatever anyway so your opinion is invalid 🤷‍♀️ HAHAHAHAHA! Kidding. But seriously, look at him ~


Anyway, if you’re curious about the pink drink, read on. HAHAHAHA!

It is just basically a Vanilla Cream with 2 pumps of raspberry. Some people go with the Iced Milk + 1 pump raspberry + 1 shot vanilla with caramel drizzle. Let me know if you like this drink! 🙂


Funny thing was I asked the crew if I could write the name on the cup. They asked me for the name they should use to call when my order’s ready as obviously, they couldn’t read it. They even asked how it is pronounced and if it’s Japanese. Hahaha! Cuties! For the cake, it’s the Belgian Chocolate Strawberry something. I SWEAR I NEED TO TAKE DOWN NOTES WHEN I GO OUT AND EAT. I didn’t know I’d end up blogging about this. Apologies. 😄

I just really really really love Seokjin and he deserves a spot here. He was born in winter but he gives me warmth. He is my calm. ❄️

I think that’s about it for may 2nd blogmas. Please give S E O K J I N and B A N G T A N lots of love. 🌟💙 And don’t forget to love yourself. 💫


* photos from featured image: You Found | Me



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